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  1. Sorry all

    The name said it all...
  2. US govt buying properties

    I don't think my wife would settle for a 49% cut in pay.:p
  3. Your Opinions On Rebuilding New Orleans ?

  4. Your Opinions On Rebuilding New Orleans ?

    Actually, I heard that you blew them up. :D
  5. Your Opinions On Rebuilding New Orleans ?

    Thad, had YOU built the levees, who do you think would be held responsible for their failure?
  6. Your Opinions On Rebuilding New Orleans ?

    I believe that if we were to put half the effort into taking care of our own, as we do in HARRASSING the rest of the world, we would be in a MUCH better position. We rebuild other countries, we give medical attention, we provide security...and the list goes on. While we are in other coutries, spending BILLIONS of dollars on their problems, we turn a blind eye to our own...and that is REALLY screwed up! IMO, New Orleans is HOME to a LOT of people, and we have no right to take their HOME away.
  7. Your Opinions On Rebuilding New Orleans ?

    If we can waste BILLIONS of dollars fighting other people's wars, and then rebuilding THEIR homes, I think we can afford to TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN for once.
  8. Did you check to make sure it wasn't a bad switch first?
  9. On the ROAD

    Speaking of people bringing their rigs with them, where was your rig when you passed through Kokomo the other night?
  10. Winter is on its way.

    Who's sick idea of a prank was it to mention winter right now? I hate dealing with frozen grease-cicles in the winter.
  11. On the ROAD

    I was gonna asked what happened to that truck, when we met each other, last night. At least everybody is ok!
  12. LIVE audio video and text chat tonight anytime

    Speaking of prizes won at ***, when should I receive the 100' 2 wire hose that I won?
  13. Any Smokers Out There?

    I'm a hickory fan, myself. (mesquite is a close second) Give me a call sometime, I will share some advice.
  14. Pics or sources for reel mounts?

    You could hang them from the ceiling, if you have a cap...
  15. I agree, hopefully she has a soft landing! :)
  16. Hahaha, that's funny! :)
  17. Ron's spelling may not be perfect, but neither is your GRAMMAR! It's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.
  18. Pump of choice

    I also have an AR pump, it has done a good job too.
  19. Pump of choice

    I've had Cat pumps before, but found that they were expensive to rebuild. That is what led me to purchase my first General pump. I have owned General pumps ever since, and have had many years of great luck with them.