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  1. Starting Cleaning Awning 30+ years ago till 2014 ish.  Been away so long... Move from Florida a few months ago and starting window/Awning cleaning business.  Need a refresher on products, and cleaning style. I always hand scrubbed with soft brush.  But the place I used to buy product from is out of business.   Any idea or places I can get some samples???


    Pic was a job i did 30ish years about in Boston... :)

    all cafe.jpg

  2. Best cleaner for fabris awnings

    Tony nice work on the awnings... Did you seal them too? Have you cleaned them again since you last did them?
  3. How Do You Price Your Awning Cleaning?

    I was going to reply but I thought i would try to find your website so i search your name and city and found this. I hope if this is you your alright. If if is you and when your back on your feet let me know and I can help you bid the awnings. Stuart Awning Cleaning Specialist of Sarasota and South Florida Bob Rock Donations - TopixBob Rock Donations Posted by roboblogger Nov 13, 2007 | Bob Rock, who has recently suffered two heart attacks could use a little help. Anyone with time and/or equipment in the Charleston area who can help him keep his jobs getting done should contact him by email.