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  1. hard crankin'

    Im a tune up maniac so that's not it. I'll check the oil sensor and the fuel filter, thanks.
  2. My Hydrotek 3005 has, I believe, the 16hp briggs and stratton engine. Anyway It's been hard starting lately, just crankin for a good 5 seconds before fire up. The battery's good, just not sure what else to do.
  3. machine dies for no reason

    Shoot, it had too much oil in it, I guess that would cause it to shut down.
  4. One of my small backup washers(honda engine/4.0 cat pump) will run for 10 minutes then die for no reason. It'll start right back up and run for 10 min then die. I'm pretty good with repairs, but this has me stumped.
  5. I just found a full 5'r of readyseal out back and it's frozen solid! Any thoughts on if it will be usable in the spring
  6. I came across a mahogany deck with IPE floor that was solid stained 2 tone. What a shame, if you want a solid color dont waste your money on hardwoods. On the other hand if a customer requests a solid I use Sherwin Williams. Did a maintenance wash last year that I stained 4 years ago, the solid stain looked brand new after a wash.
  7. lost pressure

    everything works great but not hot water, i must have put the pressure switch on the wrong fitting
  8. lost pressure

    yes i did, the pump performed perfectly, what a relief.
  9. lost pressure

    I got an unloader off a different machine thats the same gpm and psi, will it work?
  10. lost pressure

    It was the unloader
  11. its a hydrotek 3005 sc with a cat pump, lost pressure its about 800 psi. It will shoot real low then spike for awhile then back down to 800 psi. I think the pump's done. I have a friend that has 2 gerneral pumps, Is it a possible swap or is it a pia? Is it definetely the pump? The unloader is pumping the same volume of water back in the tank.
  12. Home Show

    I did it last year spring and fall. We had a good spot and worked the crowd. Gave out pens n post cards, had a raffle for a free housewash. It definetly worked. I wont do it again, because I personally hated being mr happy salesman for two 8 hr days. I could have spent the $2000 I paid on other advertising and got the same amount of leads and could be out working instead. To each their own.
  13. I just realized last night that my pressure seemed lower than normal. I've got a Hydrotek sc3005. The guage is reading 1800 psi.
  14. Had an insider on a major job. Maryland's parking authortiy has 4 garages in the Towson area that were testing high chloride levels. They usualy do it thierselves with a few hot water machines and a caustic degreaser. They realized this was a job for a professional and called my company for estimates. They had a budget of 4 million dollars to repair the concrete issues they had. They wound up paying a company to media blast the floor and seal it. It's a $800,000 job.. Must be nice. I did tons of research on chloride. but the best way, apparently was to remove a layer of the concrete with blasting. 2 floors of the job left them with almost 2 tons of material, bast media and concrete that needed a front end loader to remove it. Has anyone had any experience with this, does this seem assinine? Could the chloride content be controlled with chemical and hot water? I never heard of the company, there out of state, but they must specialize in concrete restoration......I guess