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  1. Rite aid Pharmacies

    Is anyone cleaning the carpet or floors for this company?
  2. Do you still have the equipment?
  3. I am looking to mount some lighting on my trailer for noght work. Does anyone know where I can get some spotlights for this. Has anyone done this, I need a little help Thanks Shaner
  4. Deck in CT

    The deck is in Westport Ct
  5. commercial contracts info needed

    Carlos I would be interested in seeing the contract for Fleet washing. My email is shane.rowell@cox.com If it would be to much trouble sending me a copy Thanks Shane
  6. estimating Sheet

    If you could and it is not too much of a bother could I see the forms too Thanks Shane Shane.Rowell @cox.com D & D Powerwashing Manchester, CT
  7. Carlos, Could you fax it to me also I would like to take a look. My fax number is 860-432-5169 Thanks Shane D&D Powerwashing Manchester, Ct DDPWASHR9@cox.net
  8. Estimate Sheets

    My email is shane.rowell@cox.com Thanks for all of your help Shane
  9. Estimate Sheets

    For Both Residential and Commercial work Thanks
  10. Would anyone be willing to share their estimate sheets for powerwashing? Any help would be appreciated.