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  1. Tree Sap

    I did my first awning last week for a residential customer. It was fabric and came out pretty well except for the tree sap spots. How can I get tree sap off a fabric awning? Thanks.
  2. Arched top window with pole

    A water fed pole would be the best thing. Or have you tried sectional ladders? They are more manuverable and versatile than extension ladders.
  3. national window cleaning forum

    I have tried emailing them numerous times to update my company info and I have never received a response. I suggest you try the Window Cleaner Network or the AUWC. There are lots of class acts and knowledgeable window cleaners at both. The NWCD has a lot of goofing around going on in my opinion. Seth Fensterstock Windows Only LLC Bethesda, MD windowsonly.com Member AUWC, IWCA, BBB
  4. I got a streak free window cleaner. It's called me! But seriously, I've been a window cleaner for 16 years now. just been lurking here for a long while learning about pressure washing. Anyways, soap and water and squeegees are the best way to cean a window for sure.
  5. I never knew there were so many choices out there. My lance broke off at the threads so I need a new one. Insulated, non-insulated? Dual? 12", 60"? handle? No handle? What do I need to consider when getting a new one? What are you all using? The one I was using was a 36" insulated I'm pretty sure. I think I would like a little more length but I don't know. Also what do I need to know about the guns? Thanks in advance. -SETH
  6. DI, is anyone using this?

    I haven't gotten into DI yet. Haven't felt the need to. For a proper set up I believe it to cost atleast $1000. I haven't heard great things about the Win Spray system. Mostly that it's not of commercial grade. The Tucker Pole, and The Reach and Wash system seem to be the ones people are talking about.
  7. A little help please.

    I am a window cleaner but a good customer asked me to pressure wash her front porch. It is made of that new composite, plastic like deck material. It doesn't seem to be extremely dirty. Is Bleach a safe cleaner to use on those new compsite, plastic like decks? For some reason I wouldn't think so. If not what is a good chemical or cleaner to use. I will be using a 3000psi 4gpm 13hp honda cold water pressure cleaner. I have been reading a lot about pressure cleaning and have practiced on my own home numerous times. But this will be the first time for a customer. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. -SETH