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  1. We haven't seen it yet, but thanks for the heads up.
  2. Yeah. That's what I said.
  3. I think that many probably agree with me. There's nothing against a man who's working two jobs and busting his tail to make it. The pita comes when a part time hack lowballs bids because his business is floated by another job. It's not something that I spend too much time worrying about but it happens on a regular basis. Normally a few things happen. It takes us longer to secure the agreement because this guy may be given a shot or places doubt, or they screw crap up really bad and make us all look bad. A lot of times both. Of course, I only know my market. I'm sure y'all guys don't operate like that.
  4. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    Another iPad winner!
  5. Time to make the donuts

    That's great advice
  6. End of am era

    We don't even have an oldies station here anymore. I hate not getting to hear that good 90s stuff.... Lol I'm messing around!
  7. Do you work on Sundays at times?

    I'd rather work every day and night all week long rather than work on Sunday. We do it when we have to though.
  8. Hiring a sales person

    Great post Craig. Zig Ziglar is good reading.
  9. Hiring a sales person

    Similar advice here. I replied to you a little while ago at the *****.
  10. Now far back can you trace your family tree?

    A long time ago I traced it back to the 1860s and before. A bunch of Yankee fighting Mississippians and Texans. From the Carolina's before that and Europe before that.
  11. I would say go for the cleaning at the World Trade Center. In honor of those that died there. The white house can take care of themselves. There are plenty of people out there that are much more in need.
  12. Getting Ready For Spring

    Spring is here. We've still got some cold left, but we've had a few warm afternoons and that's enough to get me excited. Goodbye winter.
  13. Jim Gamble is in the hospital.

    I'm sorry to hear this. With as good as medicine is these days I'm sure they'll fix him right up.
  14. The X-Jet debate

    Downstream here. The x jet comes in handy here an there.