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  1. I am hopefully picking up a local job to wash a bunch of town houses and condo's. Does anyone have an estimate sheet that works well for them? I am looking to get it professional printed and bound. Any tips are appreciated. email: smgpowerwashing@hotmail.com
  2. New estimate sheet

    Here is my spin off thanks to 4000PSI and others! Figured I would post since I used you guys for inspiration. Estimates Online.xls Disclaimer1.doc
  3. Where to get water?

    Both residential and commercial, I was hoping to use on site water hook up, but would like to have a few hundred gallons ready in the tank.
  4. Where to get water?

    I have searched, but perhaps I have overlooked a thread concerning this matter. Where do you guys get your water from (house well, fire hydrant). I was told I could get a meter from the township allowing me to use the water from a fire hydrant, and just pay the township accordingly. Before I went this route I was curious on other avenues that could be the most cost effective. Thanks for all your help ahead of time!