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  1. Go Braves, Go.

    David, if I get a chance I will give you a call. Don't hold me to it though..... I am the coach and I usually have a lot going on. My team is really good, we won the Global World Series in Charleston in July. My guys are 11 and we play in the Majors division which is the highest level. We were also in N.Y. this year for 10 days playing in Cooperstown (awesome)!
  2. Go Braves, Go.

    Go Braves! David how is the weather in Myrtle? We will be there this weekend at Ripken playing baseball.
  3. My life has forever changed!!

    Congrats! Awesome!
  4. Estimates: Typed or hand written?

    Resi = over the phone Commercial = Email or fax after getting measurements
  5. JL's new ride

    Congrats on the new truck Jeff. I also like how you had the guys rinse it down when you pulled up on the job:). My truck is only dirty during hunting season (Oct.-Jan).:D
  6. Estimate Vehicle

    For myself no. My wife has had a few, but not me.
  7. Estimate Vehicle

    How are you guys doing your estimates? What I mean is have any of you gone to a small truck for giving estimates or a car? I am looking at getting something more economical for giving estimates and going behind my guys. I also need it to be some what practical. Right now I do all my estimates and checking behind my guys in my diesel truck that sits on 35" tires. After 72,000 miles I'm ready to save a little in fuel cost. So any vehicle is almost instant fuel savings. Volkswagon has a diesel motor for the Jetta that gets 50+ mpg, but I have never owned a car so still unsure about this. Any feedback or ideas are appreciated.
  8. Need Help With New Vehicle Decision!!!

    Thats not bad, our diesels get right around that number as well. 20 gallons of diesel @ 4.25 = $85 20 gallons of gas @ 3.49 = $70 $ 15 savings each fillup versus diesel not bad. In my personal diesel I used 1,785 gallons of fuel this past year. 1,785 gal. x 3.89 avg = $6943 diesel cost for year 1,785 gal. x 3.19 avg = $5694 if I had a gas, saving $1250 in gas/year $1250 x 4 vehicles = $5000/year in savings I may slowly convert to gas. Jon can you explain the quote above? My diesels are way more expensive to maintain than a gas burner. Oil changes, oil filters, fuel filters, brake jobs, tires(10 ply), diesel fuel everything I just mentioned cost more than a gas burner
  9. Need Help With New Vehicle Decision!!!

    The new Tundra's (5.7) have been out for a while now, so how bout some numbers. What kind of fuel mileage are you guys getting? Not what the onboard computer tells you but the ole pen & paper. Very strong truck truck, I dont own any gas trucks but after riding in my friends I was very surprised at the power.
  10. Here is the Best Ford Ad Ever!

    Good commercial. Michael, wearing the fake glasses for your boy awesome, you outdid the commercial!
  11. Looks like someone.....

    Scott, I like it. Now its time to hire some guys and see how long it takes them to tear it up.
  12. Pricing a vinyl home?

    Ken, I love your post and I tend to agree with you on most everything. With that being said you would not get $450 for that house in my area. I dont care how good of a salesman you may be, you would not get that house down here. Clean is clean. If you did that house for $450 and the nieghbor got theirs done for $275 and it looked the same as your customer the $275 guy would make $550 next year and never move his trailer. Ken you have to remember that house in my area would only cost about $200k. I am not trying to start a lowball debate or anything like that I just wanted to let others know that demo plays a huge roll in pricing. That house in your area would go for what $400k?
  13. Slide in unit

    My golfing has slowed down a little, I am coaching a travel baseball team and we practice three days a weak. Deer season (bow) is only a couple months away so the handicap will be going up in a few months....lol
  14. Slide in unit

    Yes, but when you seen us that night I think we actually had a trailer behind it. The 8 gpm trailer usually stays in town with me
  15. Slide in unit

    Alan, this is our out of town truck. Great on fuel and I dont have to worry about my guys pulling a trailer. Pro's= To many to list. Con's= Truck breakdown. I have never had a breakdown but this is a diesel and Alan you know as well as me when a diesel goes in the shop for something minor it does take longer than a gas burner to fix. If you only run one truck I wouldn't do it, but if you run multiple trucks you will be fine. I have had this one in the shop a couple of times (03 F-250 6.0) so it is a minor inconvenience but if you have other trucks to pick up the slack its no big deal. This is by far my most efficient rig to date!