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  1. Stuck TS 2021 pump

    I've had similar problem with a diff gp pump. We had issues with the unloader. What we did was grease up the unloader and it worked after that with no issues. Sometimes if you have the belt tentioned too much that can cause issues also.
  2. Could use some help finding another truck.

  3. Doing engine swap

    I think you should be good also.. If anything you can drop the psi on the unloader a bit if the kubota has a hard time but I dought.
  4. Doing engine swap

    I hope I got the correct formula cause I've been using them for years now.
  5. Doing engine swap

    Hi, This is the formulas I use. Gas: psi(gpm)/1024= hp Electric: psi(gpm)/1460=hp diesel: psi(gpm)/1250=hp So it would be: 3500(5.6)/1250= 15.68hp
  6. Yeah Just got my letter of non-renewal... got to start looking for another carrier
  7. Neat Desk / Neat Receipts

    We just type it and also do a scan copy into QB. That way if there is a question we don't have to find the recipts it's all in QB.
  8. Remote fuel tank

    I know a lot of carpet cleaners who their truck mounts from the gas tank. There are kits that let you tap into the lines. Hope this helps.
  9. Interior lights

    If the lights keep on getting hit and damaged. U can build a cage with thin wire welded. Optima batteries are great. Just got to be careful how you charge them. Since led lights dont use a lot of power the pw charging unit may have enough power to run the burner and the lights at the same time.
  10. Help with a belt drive unit

    well water expands when it freezes. So if u leave your machine in the cold (freezing temps) the water will expand and crack pumps and everything else. Hope this helps.
  11. Anyone in Kansas?

    I have a image 16i and its a decent carpet machine
  12. Anyone in Kansas?

    Clarke makes some good equipment
  13. Pump of choice

    We are having more luck with the 2 Generals for sure. Generals just seem to keep on running and running. GP Emperor is my next one for sure. Cats parts are expensive to repair.
  14. Thanx guys Ive got to replace those rubber hoses.
  15. Rick you are right it's a lot of nonsense and shameful. One of mine started to act weird today. Fresh gas today and it started to run for about 15-20 seconds then shuts down. All filters are clean and it starts right up for another 15-20 sec then shuts down. Any suggestions??? Would it be the gas? Its a Honda Engine.