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  1. Vinyl siding

    Big difference from hog barns and cow barns? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. My buddies dad has a mahogany deck that is gray. He wants it cleaned. There is no algea, mold or mildew. I was going to use precarb then oxalic. Do I apply oxalic while deck it still wet from rinsing off precarb?
  3. Dirty Stucco

    Thanks Brad.
  4. Dirty Stucco

    I have to clean a three story pink stucco house less than a block from the beach. I haven't done a lot of stucco houses and none of them were this dirty or large. The house has dirt and algae on it. I bought Elemonator to add to my mix instead of my usual laundry detergent. For vinyl houses I use 2 gallons of SH (12.5%), splash of laundry detergent and splash of Mr. Clean rest water in 5 gallon bucket. I will be using my 4gpm belt driven machine with chem injector. I have no problem spraying three stories. I read some people using roof pumps to apply their mix because their machines dilute too much. How much SH should I use for dirty Stucco? Can I get away with downstreaming? Does anyone add F13 for Stucco and if so how much? What precautions should I take if I use it? Are there any other chemicals or tips you guys recommend? Has anyone had problems with discoloring or lightening the color with too much SH? I know to try a test spot but I want to know what to look for in advance. Some spots behind bushes I will have to use brush and pump sprayer because it is black and thick.
  5. I have a 4 GPM, 3.5 PSI belt driven cold water machine. I currently use 100ft of hose (two 50 foot hoses) for my jobs. I see guys with trailer rigs that have well over 100 foot of hose on reels. How long of a hose can you use before it stops drawing soap? Or is there formula to know for the size of the machine and length of hose?
  6. We specialize in cleaning, restoring and maintaining the beauty and value of your property. To ensure your investment is safe, we use a low pressure soft-wash technique to bring back it’s original beauty. Call to schedule a power washing free estimate. Coastal Power Washing is a family owned and operated power washing company. I have been in business for over 6 years serving Atlantic and Cape May Counties. Years have passed and with them I have gained valuable experience and insights. One misconception is that more pressure is always better; however, I have found that less pressure combined with higher GPM (gallons per minute) gives better results while minimizing damage.
  7. I used Naval Jelly on the rust stains and it did lighten the stain a lot. I only left it on for 3 minutes while I brushed it in. After I cleaned the entire deck with my 12% mix. I rinsed it down and did a pass with pressure. When I got done I could barely see them. I didn't even bother applying a second application to the stain.
  8. Rod, Should I apply Phosphoric Acid to just the area of the stain or the whole deck?
  9. I just got a job with a small bue/gray composite deck. The owner believes its Trek. The have several small to medium size rust stains from their outdoor furniture. I would like to know what people are using to get rust off composite decks. The Trek website lists the following for rust stains: Use a cleaning product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid, also know as Deck Brightener, to lighten or remove rust or dirt. Product may need to sit on the stain for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing.** If I were to use Oxalic acid should I treat the whole deck or just the rust stain?. Is there a mix ratio I should use? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  10. I have a car wash to clean. The exterior is a lot of glass windows and gray plastic walls. The exterior walls look like painted aluminum but after a closer look and some tapping I found out they are plastic. The car wash has been there for over 8 years. So I know they can hold up to some abuse but I am concerned about my mix, SH and liquid laundry detergent. The manager said the place was power washed last year by another company. I have no idea what they used or why they didn't hire them again. I was going to use a light mix of SH and dawn. I have read some posts recommending apple blossom Dawn for windows. So I was going to use that for my mix. If anyone has some suggestions for the plastic walls I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures.
  11. Trigger gun and lance

    I don't have a ball valve. I'm just looking for a reliable gun and lance. It can be a combo or separate. I can't seem to find any reviews or recommendations online. Maybe I'm over thinking it.
  12. I'm looking for a good replacement trigger gun and lance. I have a 3500 PSI, 4 GPM machine. Can anyone recommend a gun, wand or combo? Also a site to buy it. Thanks.
  13. cleaning gray decks

    Rod, Thanks for the info. I am going to give it a try on my next deck it I can.
  14. I don't have a lot of experience cleaning decks. Most of my customers want the mold and mildew gone. I apply my standard house wash, sodium hypochlorite mix with liquid detergent, applied with a pump sprayer to the deck. I make my mix a lot stronger for decks than siding. My customers are always happy to have the mildew and mold gone but are pleasantly surprised to see the gray gone too. I have been reading about brightners, NOAH, sodium hydroxide, and oxalic acid for decks. My question is for a pressure treated gray dirty deck should i be applying anything else to the deck? After all my reading I am still unsure why I would use a deck brightner or Oxalic Acid. I do get furries when I am done but not all the time. I would appreciate any advise. I work in New Jersey by the shore.
  15. Coastal Power Washing Gallery