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    I have owned Coastline Window and Pressure Cleaning since 1993 I'm very passionate about bringing home and business owners and licensed, insured companies together with my website http://www.qualityservicepros.com
  1. Good afternoon everyone, I was hoping someone has some miracle formula that will get off rust stains caused by reclaimed water in Southwest Florida, I have tried the rust removers sold at Home Depot with very limited results, any suggestions?
  2. Hello all, I need some help, I have been in the pressure and window cleaning business since 1993 and I have many homeowners asking for me to do a preventative maintenace program for their roofs - what I need help is for the bidding of this job it's 28 roofs 6000 Sq feet small barrell tile in Southwest Florida they were just cleaned there is no real pitch to speak of, and they want a price for chemical treating on an annual basis. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Customer call backs

    I switched all my guys to a comission pay scale so they ae paid upon completion of job, if there is a call back it's on their own dime.
  4. Be careful who you hire!

    I created a free e-book listing 10 important things you must know before hiring anyone to work on your home dowload it - it's very useful E-Books - Quality Service Pros
  5. In fort Myers Florida guys are getting around $70.00 - $100.00 per man hour, we usually get about 6 actual working hours per machine and can generate about $400.00 to $480.00 per machine per day with a monthy revenue of $9,600 per machine a month.... I hope this is helpful! keep in mind in my slow months April thru July we cant keep our guys busy all day long :(
  6. Passing of Don Chute

    Hey Craig, I will for sure see you in Tampa, that is right by my house :) my brother is living here in Fort Myers and working with me while he get's a new business up and running in the area - he will be doing Home Watch. I hope you are having a great year! look forward to catching up with you at the convention.
  7. Hey All, I recently wrote a blog about marketing to your customers pain points - using a cleaning company as an example, I think you will find it interesting and helpful. What I was hoping for is some information from you all as to how you are marketing to your customer’s pain points and what are their pain points? I’m putting together some new marketing tri-folds and was looking for some suggestions. All the best! If you like the blog and want a free weekly tip just subscribe here, we wont share your information with anyone.
  8. Who has used SafeRestore?

    Wow! great pics, can't wait to try it out on some rust stains in Southwest Florida.
  9. Who has used SafeRestore?

    I have used Safe Restore almost exclusively for window frames but it sounds like more and more people are using it for rust and other oxidation stains. Works great for hard water and aluminum run off or burning.
  10. pool furniture

    I have to tell you we clean almost all outdoor furniture with Chlorine or bleach if you look at the manufacturers cleaning instructions it says use houshold bleach, without the exception of wicker its how we clean.
  11. Song playing on your...

    For those about to rock AC/DC
  12. Motivational Speech

    Wow! good stuff, I love hearing the passion in your writing! now a days that seems to be lacking :( I'm so pumped now I gotta go clean something!
  13. Passing of Don Chute

    Craig, No doubt! Don will surely be missed he came to Florida and met me at a home on Sanibel Island to show me a waterfed pole demonstration, we had a wonderful day that ended in a sale :) We will miss you Don
  14. Take lots of pictures first