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  1. nastiest pavers to date

    Totla neglect. that looked nasty. You did a great job. Keep those pic's in a portfolio if you have one.
  2. Aluminum Siding?

    If and when I do, I inform them that it's not gonna look like new. Ask them what there expectations are when it's done. Inform them of the oxidation factor like Guy mentioned.
  3. black mildew on brick

    What's up with the talk of Pool Chem's? or are you guy's refering to good old 12% S.H. ?
  4. Unusual cleaning job

    Why no bleach??? Bleach good. Make bad dirt go away. :)
  5. Making the x-jet easier to use

    I really do hope it works out good for you as you have put alot of thought into it, BUT I'M STILL DOWNSTREAMIN :)
  6. Over sprayed paint

    Cool. Another secret weapon to use when all else fails
  7. Window cleaning - best way?

    This season I have added Wondow cleaning as a service. I started out by using a squeege & ladder for 2nd flr windows, then moved on to an extension pole and recently have purchased a W.F.P. set up. Man what a great investment the W.F.P. was. It has cut my window cleaning time down to half of what it was. It does not compare to lugging a ladder around the house. One thing I also realized is that it has it's place & not good for all window job's (very dirty window ). If you are thinking about getting one I can tell you that you won't regret it. Yes they cost alot but IMO a great investment.
  8. Gutter cleaning ?

    I keep all of those
  9. Gutter cleaning ?

    You can go to (window's 101) website. They have some good guttercleaning tools.
  10. Introduction from Down Under......

    Yeah What Doug said. Hi Doug
  11. Yup we need A lic & mimimum Of ONE MILL liability insurance. Oh and to renew our Lic every 2 yrs is $250
  12. Who uses the "Ladder Saver"

    I apply the chem's with a soap blaster tip then remove the siphon tube from the chem bucket & rinse with the same tip. It's very low pressure and I feel very confadent that no damage will occur to my customer's homes. It's not the fastest way to go but I'm happy and so are the H.Owners.
  13. Think of it this way. Why would you want to use a product that a H.O. can out and purchase themselves at a hardware store. As professional contractors we use commercial grade cleaning chemicals. And as Doug said it best nothing beats S.H. (bleach)
  14. Try A chemical supplier or a pool supply store in your area. If you must you can get by with 6 % S.H. Just don't dilute it as much
  15. House wash recipe questions

    Give them plant's, tree's, flower's & shrubs a good watering before during and after housewashing