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  1. I have a friend looking for a Dallas house cleaning job. Would this be of any interest to him? I'm not really sure where Corsicana is in relation to Dallas. I know he's fairly desperate for employment, so even if it's a considerable commute, he'd probably still be interested. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. In this economy, a good job is hard to come by.
  2. old, tough stain

    Sorry this off topic for the thread. Hey Million PSI, I see you live in West Laf, IN! I am in Indy. Just moved here a few moths ago. Are you on Angie's List yet? I am waiting on a client to review me in their Los Angeles house cleaning section. Any thoughts?
  3. Great carpet cleaning chemical

    What goals do you have for the chemical? For most stains, I honestly just use a strong oxygen bleach chemical by directly applying the power to the stain with minimal water. Then I scrub with a brush and add water until the stain comes out. I learned this trick from a friend in the Los Angeles house cleaning industry.