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  1. Good ole Walmart

    "Give me a 40hr job with bene's under FDR's New deal liberal socialist government progams - and I will take it!" Typical, "What can the government give me" attitude! "Tax the 'rich' at 85% - that was when America was at its finest hour" Mean old rich people should have to give away thier money! Daniel Your an american company, Are you paying your fair share of taxes(85%)? With comments like yours, I don't understand why we haven't went straight to communism, bypassing socialism. How is it, you guys think our government does a better job than anyone, telling them how to run their business. Do you need uncle Sam to step in and tell you how to run your business, where you can do businees, how much you can and cannot charge! Then at the end of the day, tell "you", you can only keep 15% because other people think your rich! Are you going to bother to try and run a company, if all the government is going to allow you to keep is 15%? Some of these companies that moved out of the United States, done so, to be competative with the global market, if they diden't move, they could close their doors and not do business anymore! Either way The US was going to lose those jobs! You say you invest in the stock market, Then you are investing in the hopes that one of those "rich companies", makes a profit and gives you some profits and dividends off those "God forsakeen profits".
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum, If not you can move it. Atlanta/July 10,2006/PRNewswire/—Contrary to popular belief, climate is not a good gauge for mold risk, according to a ranking of states at risk for mold contamination on commercial and residential property. Areas with dry climates like Nevada and Arizona made it to the top 10 while some Gulf States did not come close. Because mold damage is now excluded or severely limited on standard property insurance, concerns about the financial impact of a mold outbreak in a home or business continue to rise. In the relative hazard ranking model developed by American Risk Management Resources (ARMR) and now being used by www.Greenguard Environmental Institute.org (GEI), "dry states" (Oklahoma, Kansas) intermingle with predictably high-risk mold zones (Florida, South Carolina) as high risk. But Texas beat them all: Top 10 Relative Hazard Mold Ranking 1. Texas 2.95 2. Florida 2.50 3. Oklahoma 2.45 4. South Carolina 1.91 5. Nevada 1.90 6. Arizona 1.90 7. California 1.73 8. South Dakota 1.47 9. Tennessee 1.33 10. Kansas 1.25 Bottom 5 Relative Hazard Mold Ranking 1. Wisconsin .06 2. West Virginia .07 3. Alabama .13 4. Massachusetts .18 5. Minnesota .19 The GEI/ARMR relative hazard ranking model was developed by comparing mold losses on insurance claims with premiums paid on property and liability coverage in each of the 50 states. The hazard ranking model does not yet reflect claims associated with 2005 hurricanes that struck the Southeastern US. Wisconsin has the lowest relative mold loss rate, which is one-50th the loss rate in Texas based on the relative frequency of insurance claims. "Mention mold right now, and the Gulf Coast comes to mind first, but the contamination on real estate hit by hurricanes was generally less significant overall than mold growth caused by inferior building materials or poor construction," said Carl Smith, CEO/Executive Director of GEI, a non-profit organization working with lenders and developers on mold risk mitigation techniques. "It's counterintuitive to think of shopping centers in Phoenix or casinos in Las Vegas as being at risk for mold, but it makes sense when you examine the causes of mold and problems often caused by modern building practices and materials." According to Smith, many buildings and houses in dry climates develop mold issues when moisture is nurtured within walls and windows that are tightly sealed off from consistently hot conditions outside. "Think of a glass of ice water sitting on your porch in 95-degree heat," said Smith. "Condensation quickly forms on the outside of the glass, but unlike your drink, condensation in a home or business has nowhere to run off so it builds up in the cavities of the structure, creating an ideal climate for mold contamination."As mold decreases property values, it could force many owners into default, forcing mortgages into a "non-performing loan" category, the worst-case scenario for lenders. That classification causes a negative chain reaction from ratings agencies, regulatory authorities and shareholders. "In the age of universal mold exclusions on insurance policies, everyone involved in real estate needs to diligently manage the mold risk," said David J. Dybdahl, head of ARMR, an insurance brokerage and consulting firm specializing in environmental insurance covering mold. GEI recently announced a mold risk reduction program, based on a compilation of best practices that GEI has proposed as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard. The proposed standard has been preliminarily reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and piloted with several building owners. Building consultancies review and assess properties based on the standard; once this is successfully completed, property owners can apply to GEI for certification under the Greenguard Mold Protection Program. Once a property is certified, it can be promoted to lenders, insurers and prospective tenants. "Who is ultimately holding the financial bag for construction and permanent mortgages along with business loans to builders? The lender," said Smith. "The bank typically holds 80% or more of the risk in these loans (since 20% is typically invested by the borrower). Therefore, the smart lenders will work even faster to protect themselves."
  3. Have you ever had problems with ticks? MY wife and I went over to clean the exterior and porch's and sidewalk of a house last week, and was eaten alive by ticks! At first we thought it was flea bites, (had dogs and itched really bad) but, my wife found seven ticks on her, smaller than a pin head. I found no ticks on me, but, I have around 50 to 60 bites on me, as does my wife. Most of the bites was around the ankle and top of feet. Then they moved up from there to our upper chest and back. The bites like to drove both of us nuts for about 4 days, finally starting to ease off. They are talking about us doing their house twice a year, since its real dusty. I will definitely need to find something to repel ticks before we do their house again!
  4. Deathclock.com

    go figure, just as I hit retirement age!
  5. Thoughts on Aaladin equipment!

    This liink will take you to their hot boxes. AaLadin Cleaning Systems: You Can Do Magic! I have one of their hot water units that I bought used with 73 hours on it. It has worked and performed as expected. The only problem I have had in 1.5 yrs. is the starter selonoid(SP) went out shortley after I bought it.
  6. Back-logged! Off to a rocky start!

    Must be something about us Tennessee guys, we were out in the pouring rain in January with highs in the low 40's.
  7. Flatbed truck I just bought

    congrats!:lgbounces Looks like you found a great deal! It pays to wait it out sometimes. Now, get busy lining up work to help pay for it!!:lgmoneyey
  8. How would you clean/remove this...

    It's called efflorescence, check out this thread! http://www.thegrimescene.com/forums/residential-pressure-washing/9940-efflorescence-problem.html
  9. Is a listing agent necessary to sell my home?

    one other thing to consider, the buyer thinks they should be saving some of that money also.
  10. More than I can handle?

    Re-think worse case, If you bid to little, you will end up paying the difference out of YOUR pocket. Remember, a bid is a binding contract in court, and you will be held responsible for the cost, whether it is you or someone else that does the job. If you can't look at the job and feel comfortable that you can do the job, then you better pass on it! A lift to get you high enough to do a four story building, you would need to look at a bucket truck with at least a 50 ft. reach and levelers. That will cost mega bucks to rent, if you can find one! "Four stories is pretty high for a scissors lift" - Forget that! you want to live to see another day.
  11. Cool picture show

    some pretty cool pics! not sure i would use that outhouse. I wonder how many skiers that boat was actually pulling?
  12. Ught-oh's, NO-NO's! and S-C-A-M-S...

    C-mon Scott haven't you got some friends or relatives that live near by that can help you on this.
  13. 1)Get WorkComp, and 2)don't burn down your trailer

    Goes to show that you may never think it can happen, but, it can and it will. Usually when you can least afford for to happen. Thank god, it was not worse than it was. I hope your right hand man makes a quick recovery and makes it back sooner than May. I'm sure he is hoping for the same.
  14. Cash or loan

    word of caution, before you go the route of leasing, know what you are getting into. I contacted a company about purchasing a used box truck for $5,000. I used an on-line lease calculator to see what payments would be for a worse case scenario. According to the on-line calculator my payments would be $189 a month, when the lease company sent me the contracts my payments was going to be $269 a month for 3 yrs, and a deposit/w 2 payments of $926. With a $1 buy out clause at the end of the lease. Well over double payback of the original amount borrowed. They were feeding me the "well, since your a new upstart business we have to charge you extra on interest and this and that crap". Their interest rate was at a supposed 16% interest, they supposedly based that on my personal credit, which is quite good. Needless to say I did not lease the truck through them, I just bought it outright. And of course, you guessed it, the motor blew up in it on the way home, now I've had to borrow the $3500 to have a Jasper motor installed in it. It's still in the shop as we speak. Good luck on whatever you decide! I hope your luck is better than mine.
  15. Just Curious Death penalty or not?

    I myself was talking about people that commit cold blooded first degree murder. Understand though, that the kid ( life sentence ) will likely get out in less than 20 yrs. BUT, the dead kid has to serve his sentence ( death ) for life. My kids know where I stand on drinking, and they know I don't approve of anyone drinking and driving. You see I'm the victim on the other side, my mom was killed by a 19 yr old drunk driver when I was 5 yrs old. 3 weeks before Christmas and 4 weeks before my 6th birthday. I've had to live with that all of my life! "IS THAT FAIR." The 19 yr old that killed my mom served less than 30 days in jail. They were not big on prosecuting drunk driving in the 60's.
  16. Just Curious Death penalty or not?

    I think they should die by the same method they used to kill their victims. If their victims die a slow brutal death, then, they should also.
  17. Chemical for De-Identifying

    http://www.signwarehouse.com/TT-VR-p-HT-BE1000.html http://www.signwarehouse.com/TT-VR-p-HT-STPELM.html Here is two links to what the sign shops use. We used plastic razor blades and heat when we was doing vinyl work. What ever you do, DO NOT use heat on the glass, or you will crack it. (Especially in cold weather.) If you need help, you can call me. 931-362-4573, 931338-7367.
  18. What's your opinion...

    If you do decide to pay the $100, make sure you get a signed receipt, stating that this is final and only recourse for damages to property. (car & window) And that this payment is for full restitution of damages.
  19. Residential Compliance

    Quote: "Sounds like you live in Germany, not USA" You have to remember the county he lives in! Cobb county, as truck drivers call them, Robb county. I knew they were rough on I-75 & I-285, but I didn't think they were that hard on their residents. Man, did you guys elect a bunch of "money hungry" leaders in your county or what? They got their butts in trouble coming out on the interstate and giving D.O.T. inspections to 18 wheelers (revenue source). Some days I'm surprised you guys can find a cop in town! (they are all out working the interstate) sorry- off subject. You might have a few signs made up, and leave in peoples yards for a day or two, after job completion. That would help neighbors, that don't know who to call. Check with local ordinance office first, to make sure your not in violation.
  20. Sodium Hypochlorite Prices

    Thanks Joel, I will definitely check them out! Big difference in price. Will take you up and call you some time.
  21. Sodium Hypochlorite Prices

    Only one pool supply store here in town, he can only get it in 1 gal. jugs, and wants $4.25 a gallon if I buy 50 gal. The prices above are from a local chemical store. Tell me they're not making a killing on this stuff!
  22. Sodium Hypochlorite Prices

    If I buy in 55 gal. it is $2.73 a gal. plus $50.00 deposit on drum, If I buy in 5 gal. it is close to $5.00 per gal. with tax, and she told me she had a price increase and will be going up! And I have to call in advance and pick it up myself. But, it is the only place I can find it.
  23. You can use regular hosehold bleach and water, (50/50) to kill the mold. But, it will continue to come back until you remove the moisture problem. You need to seal basement walls with a product like "damtite" or others and possibly run a dehumidifier to help solve the moisture problem.
  24. Here goes everything...

    Best to ya John! I look forward to the day I can give up my full time job and go full time into this business. I hate my full time job with a passion! But, my day is a long way off. I'm just getting started in this business, and it will take a while to get it up to the point I don't need my full time job. Just work harder for yourself than you would your old job, and things will come around.
  25. Big ones

    Anytime you get tired of "not that great" money, you can call me I'll come do the work for ya! Just picken at ya