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  1. We just had a customer call and unfortunately, We don't go to that area. I told the customer that I would try to help her locate a quality cleaning company and immediatly thought of my friends here on the forums For details contact me @ apbhoodcleaning@gmail.com and I'll shoot you the details. Thanks, Larry
  2. Help removing valves

    Have you tried soaking in C.L.R.? We had to do that on a pump that we just repaired. The pump had hard water and calcium buildup in it that we couldn't see. Kinda like battery acid on a post. It worked for us...
  3. Here's something you might find interesting. We have a company that came in and under bid us by a lot for a Burger King Chain. They have The Grease Busters logo on their stickers and they call themselves The Grease Busters. They're out of Antioch, Ca. but, I can't find anything on them anywhere. Next time I go there to grab a burger, I'll get you their number. 

    I personally don't mind that they took the account because that's a customer that doesn't like to pay his bills. He's always in Isreal. I just thought you guys might want to know.... 

    I hate Logo thieves!!!


  4. Holy Smokes! Been working all day on an estimate to clean the hoods for 24 schools.... Whew!! Glad I'm finally finished...


  5. black streaks on gutters! what do you use to clean them with?

    For the first time, I cleaned a house, ( Mine) I honestly don't know how you guys do it and I take my hat off to you but, watch out for the glare LoL! ( I'm bald as a babies rump) I had the same problem... We had black streaks from the gutters. After washing down the roof, The gutters just killed everything, The roof looked new again and I was happy about that but my gutters looked horrible. I went out to my service vehicle and grabbed my bottle of Super Clean and mixed it with water. ( about 1/2 gallon to 4 1/2 gallons of water). I foamed it with my foamer because I'm to lazy to use a squirt bottle. I treated the entire gutter and started from the other end. ( the side I foamed 1st.) Worked like a charm for me. Now my mix is a little different than I said above. When I buy say 5 gallons. I put 2 1/2 gallons into another container and top it with water. Now I have 10 gallons. Then from that bottle I pour 1/2 gallon to the 4 1/2 gallons of water. I was able to go around the house and still had enough to go around again. Cleaning homes is not what I think I'd want to do. From now on, I'll hire someone else. I'll stick to those Yummy Hoods!
  6. What Is Your Definition Of Success?

    I consider myself successful because I've got a wife and kids that love me. I keep the bills paid, a roof over our heads and food on the table. My kids are polite and bring home excellent grades. Their pants don't sag and they care about others. For those alone I'm successful. If I were rich and didn't have a dime, Success would be nothing.
  7. APB Hood Cleaning

    APBHoodCleaning@gmail.com HTTP://APBHoodCleaning.weebly.com