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    I have been washing for 16 years, primarily vehicles and equipment, some homes decks etc.
  1. Only in Texas!!!!

    That is hilarious.
  2. Not quite subliminal but close......

    No pic but the explaination painted a good visual. Sounds like an interesting campaign that might work on some fliers for residential.
  3. Note to self...dont use Behr stains. Nice cleaning job.
  4. Seems like a good niche market Matt. Smart of you guys to team up together too, sounds like a win win to me. If you didn't get all the super storms though, do you think that would be a good investment to have the equipment? Is there enough regular work to make it worthwhile?
  5. Happy birthday Allison Hester!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy late birthday Allison
  6. New Company-First Time poster!

    Welcome I like the clever company name...
  7. pressure washer overheating

    If you are in an enclosed trailer you may try switching the oil to a straight 30W it has corrected oil shutdown issues with me in the past. I had units that the oil would get so thin because of te heat it would shut down the unit. #2 on that machine is there a thermal shutdown? On the inlet side of the pump there may be a thermal sensor (looks like a high limit switch)that is designed to shut the motor down if the water gets too hot. Try disconnecting it it may be causing it to kill the engine even if it is not hot.
  8. What is the Best Turbo Nozzle Made

    Highest temp rating i have seen is 212 with the pa turbo nozzle.
  9. What is the Best Turbo Nozzle Made

    PA makes one of the most agressive 18 degree pattern and they are loaded with a spring washer to keep the nozzle seated on the race. They do have a tendencey to stop spinning sooner than some of the others. Rotomax makes a good one that is inexpensive and will last a long time but you must start it with the nozzle pointed down to prevent damaging the nozzle and race. Suttners are always good but same thing with the nozzle. For me the firs choice is the Rotojet or Suttner.
  10. Anyone close to this place?

    I'm not too far from there Celeste, about an hour to an hour and a half.
  11. pressure washer Help

    I would go with the 5.5 @2500 gpm. You will be able to do all the same work with equal or better results and your speed will be much faster.
  12. Awarding One company a yr for a volunteer cleaning

    I am sure most do it because they want to help others, not for the award. It would be nice for those who do a lot to be recognized for their efforts, good idea John.
  13. A bit low on the gpm and the tank is small. The points mentioned above really cover it your looking at a push mower that will make it difficult to make any money doing what you are looking at. Speed and efficiency are key in fleets and flatwork so bigger is better.
  14. What removes nasty rust stains?

    Oxalic acid is a good choice and works well on irrigation type rust.
  15. Need some help

    You will want to do some more research on the proper detergents you will need to clean the wood the search feature here will help with that. Just pressure and water will be very damaging to the surface. You will need hoses, guns, tips and more to keep yourself up and running and to handle many jobs you encounter. Downstreamers will require additional parts like the injector and some nozzles. Feel free to call me as well I would be happy to help you get started. 855-351-9274