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  1. Deck Staining and Restoration

    Great post. Many DIY'ers will not wait long enough for the deck to dry completely after power washing before they move on to staining. They usually end up with lack luster results. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Has your wood deck and/or fence become worn and ragged looking, detracting from your home’s curb appeal? Is it time to refinish them? Pressure washing removes built-up dirt and debris from decks and patios. Let the experts at Treasure Valley Pressure Washing get the job done right without damaging the wood and causing the fibers to splinter. And best of all, you won’t have to rent and return costly rental equipment!
  3. You’ll be amazed at your home’s transformation after our experts pressure wash your home’s exterior siding and windows! Get prepared to step back in time and see your home as it looked when it was BRAND NEW and gaze out at the beautiful treasure valley through your crystal clear windows! Pressure washing not only adds instant curb appeal to your home but also helps protect your paint and siding from harmful effects of mildew and mold build up. We recommend pressure washing your home’s siding and windows every 12-18 months. Our eco-friendly approach will impress both you and your neighbors.
  4. nyone can be clean but not everyone can be power clean. Having access to a reliable pressure washing professional can mean the difference between being one and the other. Here in the Coastal Empire we understand that we want our homes, businesses, and vehicles to look their best and our professionals strive to give you just that. All around Savannah we see how much folks appreciate quality and our team is no different. We all know that not all objects are made the same. Our professionals use the latest techniques and up to date equipment to deliver the most appropriate cleaning to the target surfaces. The team knows how to apply the correct pressure for the target surface to power away the offending materials without degrading the underlying surface.
  5. Title: How To Save Your Restaurant Roof From Grease Damage

    This is a niche that I have not yet tapped into for my pressure washing business. Thank you for posting. http://www.savannahpowerwash.com