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  1. Stuck check valves it should be an easy fix. Pull check valves push the poppets with screwdriver to release or just replace with new valves.
  2. Where to Buy Leg Tank Bands (Straps)

    tractor supply has tank straps and will ship them to the store nearest to you for pickup.
  3. 8GPM Cold Water Machine

    It will work great with a classic you might even have to put a weight on it to keep it on the ground. we have one on our main wash truck and it runs a big guy just fine. Ours is at least 5 years old and still runs just fine.
  4. New Florida Paver Sealing website

    Jon the site looks really good, check the services page you have a misspelling on housewashing.
  5. Great info,you have put a lot of thought into your system. I like the conical barrels I wonder if any makes them commercially.
  6. Have you thought about air bags on the axles to raise and lower the trailer.
  7. Florida... How do you guys do it?!

    Great description of our fair state at least the part I live in. The only thing you forgot were the pos rice burners with $4000 rims and screaming mufflers. You have writing 101 down.
  8. Mud Dobber Nests

    Pm me I have something that gets rid of the stain
  9. Travertine sealing in Tampa Bay

    I couldn't make it this year had a funeral to attend. I heard I missed a good event.
  10. Travertine sealing in Tampa Bay

    Thats some good looking work john
  11. That looks great excellent work, is that a farrow machine I looked into buying one a couple years ago.
  12. Professional Parking Garage pressure cleaning. Wash Water recovery and reclaim 407-957-6566
  13. We just finished 160,000 sq ft of interior hallway utilizing our vacuum recovery system. The PM called us because they have had water intrusion problems in the past and needed to eliminate any standing water. we had to run the vacuum wide open because of the textured surface and long runs of hose {300 plus} making it tough to push the surface cleaner. we finished all of the four story buildings in 20 hours and 2 days ahead of schedule. We are the florida reclaim kings. 407-957-6566
  14. Splash & Dash pressure cleaning provides professional exterior cleaning for HOA communities in the Central Florida area.. Splash & Dash pressure cleaning wash's entire communities or just common areas. We softwash buildings and roofs we also clean driveways,sidewalks,entryways and fences as well as playground equipment. Splash & Dash pressure cleaning also performs grafitti removal and abatement. 407-957-6566
  15. Degreasers

    buy some bulk sodium hydroxide and make your own. search old posts on how to mix because you can hurt yourself. use safty gear