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  1. What does Babe Ruth have to do with Powerwahers?

    jihn if you need help on this give me a call , alot of people still loolk at me and said the same thing wy do u do that .
  2. Interior lights

    i have my 16 ft box truck setup with led strip lite work great , take money to make money .
  3. We use soda blasting to remove blacktop sealer off of tanks
  4. Try soda blasting or walnut shell both work great on that surface
  5. diesels are great i have two units with 2cyc kubota diesel , we wash with them all winter long need to use additive for fuel and make sure to do the maintain and you will not have any problems also all are engines have block heater,
  6. Gutter Sucker-Mike Hughes

    also i am a dealer for the company .
  7. Gutter Sucker-Mike Hughes

    i have a manchine like that and they work great 1 story house 30mins and a 2 story 1 to 1.5 hrs and no laddersall from the ground .
  8. Gooseneck vs. Bumper

    i have a 28 ft gooseneck & a 14 ft bumper tow , gooseneck can handle mor weight,turns better, and the right is great
  9. 2006 f350 dually diesel with a 30 ft gooseneck, 2 diesel alkota washer, 800gal water, 400gal reclaim,sirroco13cvj vaccum gas, water tech mig 48 filter unit,nite lighting w/ 10,000watt generator 3 electric hose reels
  10. Rite aid Pharmacies

    i have done some graffiti removal in abany ny