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  1. Truck washing chemical

    I dont 2 step I brush. The trucks I was washing at the time, mabey 2 stepping would work on 1 account only. Some truck you just have to scrub. Also i see it as more work to have to rinse a truck more than one time, to get the dirt off. then chems= more cost,less profit. Water is also an issure. I would fill up my tanks and wash. the less water used the less downtime filling up= more money. I still dont see the need to 2 step, other than alum. brightning. 2 guys scrubbing and one on gun is faster to me. But again Im a scrubbing machine
  2. +10 Russ I use the same grease for my trailer axles for everything HH still going strong
  3. I drilled holes in my HH with self taping screws and no cracks. you will have to change the handle as well so its fixed and wont move up and down.
  4. Oil spot on brick driveway!

    pop a new brick in there and be done with it.
  5. shurflo pumps

    just get a 12v pump from lori @PWP and some poly hose and stop putting chems on your back.
  6. Hardi plank streaking

    sounds like the homeowner thought he was a PWer and did the streaking himself. you should always point out things like this and take pics for you records. you might end up getting blamed for it
  7. Newbie question

    Take it to a tech. a pro should give it an overview before you start to youse it,as someone may end up getting hurt or dead. just M. O. good luck
  8. landa pressure

    No easy start valve, or by pass, I have the same problem on my hotsy. But i will be replacing the unloader to a newer style. with a bypass hose
  9. Hose

    Sears, Craftsman hose is the best i have ever bought. 75' for $40 bucks. if it breaks or a car runs the fittings over ect. they will give you a new one no questions asked. Mine get driven over from time to time but they also have nickle ends in stead of brass.
  10. JL's new ride

    What would **** me off more than the truck would be cleaning the trailer Russ. Good luck with the truck
  11. need help on biding a awning

    How much do you want to make, is what you should be asking your self. How long will it take you,and what will it cost for chems, and how much your time is worth. The priceing thing is up to you only. hit the "search"option for more info
  12. Out tax money at work!!!!

    were those coils salvageable? It is a shame that they would throw them away like that. they could have given one to people that cant find a job and are on welfare to clean parts of the highway,courthouses,etc. or even help them start a bizz. "Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day,Teach him how to PW, he will eat till his PW breakes down"
  13. Water Pressure Problems

    +10 jerry 11hp prob 3-4 gpm 3/4" hose should work good. but if its sputtering you are getting air in the line.
  14. John Deere pressure Washer?

    try it out if it works offer 5