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  1. Years ago, with lots of help from you all, I stripped, brightened and stained an old deck that had been sitting for years. We just had a small pressure treated deck built around a portion of our pool yesterday. I remember back in the day there was a certain amount of time suggested for the wood to dry out before stripping and brightening. What is the recommended time now days? Of course the wife wants it done yesterday but I'm not doing it until it's time. Also, I used an Armstrong Clark semi-transparent stain back then. Is this still a good option or are there better ones out there? Thanks All
  2. I know this thread is 5 years old but what stain did you use? It turned out beautiful!
  3. My neighbor has a hunting lease with electricity available but no water. He is wanting to buy a power washer to use for washing off their atv's when they get muddy but wasn't sure if it would work. I did a little looking yesterday and from what I can tell (right or wrong) is that IF the power washer is a belt drive power washer then he is OK but if it's just an inexpensive one, it relies on being fed pressurized water. Is this accurate? If he opts for the cheaper option would he need some kind of inline pump to provide the needed pressure? What would you all recommend to him? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Will get this ordered today.
  5. If it is important, the boat will only be used in Fresh Water, never in salt water.
  6. @Beth n Rod Are you talking about the cleaner/brightener restore-a-deck, similar to efc-38/citralic? That's what I was referring to, not any kind of stain/polyurethane etc. I just thought I would clean it and brighten it before I used the teak oil. If this isn't necessary I will just sand then oil. Thanks again
  7. Here is a picture of it. As mentioned, the wood is Teak and in good shape. Is restore-a-deck a good option?
  8. It's bare wood, maybe some old, old teak oil but that's it. It's pretty weathered but the wood is in good shape. I'm planning to use restore-a-deck as the sealer store has free shipping on it. I've used efc-38/citralic in the past. Will I notice a difference? Do you expect I'll be happy with the restore-a-deck? Thanks, Greg
  9. I don't have the boat in my possession yet. I should have it in the next couple of weeks. When I get it I'll post and go from there. Thanks
  10. I am buying a used ski boat with a Teak swim platform that will need to be redone. Will this be a oxalic/EFC 38 and Citralic type thing with some type of teak oil stain afterwards or is there a better system to use? The platform is removable from the boat if that matters. Thanks
  11. We have chosen a lot to build on but the adjoining fences have not been kept up. I've ordered from this site before, years ago, but I can't seem to find the site now. Please assist
  12. I inherited an electric Karcher power washer from my step Dad. Obviously this isn't the machine for heavy duty use but for cleaning siding it works OK. Here's the problem. I connect and turn on the water, turn on the power switch and it will start the pump. As long as I am using the wand and washing it works fine. The pump keeps going and the pressure stays fine. If I stop for maybe a minute or two, the pump shuts off and won't restart. I can pull the trigger on the wand to release the pressure but still the pump doesn't come back on and there is very little water pressure. Now, I can unplug and unhook the machine from the water overnight and the machine is good to go. However, if I let it rest and build up pressure we are back to square one. Very frustrating. Please assist. Thanks
  13. Ok, so I just re-tiled her bathroom and installed new trim and all looks great! So, I'm talking to her today and she mentions repainting her porch(es). They aren't too big, maybe 150-200 sq ft total. But, they are layer upon layer of paint. Unfortunately, I don't know what kind of paint, only that it's a solid. She is wanting to repaint again with a solid paint, nothing transparent or semi-transparent. So, I need ideas on products I can use to help get some of the old paint off then sand with my orbital sander to smooth things out. 20 years ago there were products that would eat up much of the paint by bubbling up then allowing them to be scraped off. I'm not 100% sure of what's available nowadays so thought I'd check with the experts. Let me know and I'll get on the ball and be glad to provide pictures as the project progresses. Thanks in advance!
  14. Just FYI, Restore-a-deck website gone, WOW

    Just FYI. I got a few emails today that Ken's site is up and running again. Good luck Ken.
  15. I was wondering about the F18 and tried the search button using f-18 and f18 as search terms, both with no results. However, I'm kind of remedial sometimes and may not have been using it correctly.