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  1. Sealing Asphalt Drive

    hi i've been doing asphalt for 20 years.just go to your local asphalt plant (where they make the real stuff(hot mix);call a paving co. to get the location.getone of the guys in a dump that just purchased some hot mjx to sell you a couple shovel fulls(give him15.00,he'll be happy)use atorch to LIGHTLY heat it up if it gets cold...heat it up too much or too long and you'll burn the oils out of it and it wont bond to the tack(glue)which should be applied to surface being patched.trnsport the asphalt wrapped in a piece of carpet to keep it hot.do the same for tack and sealcoat(throw somebody thats buying material there a little$$$.)bring some empty 5 gal. buckets with lids for the seal....(oh,let the tack turn black after applying it to the driveway 3 minutes or so if its sunny out.)tools>>small housebroom for applying tack.3foot wide squegee for applying seal.hand tamper for compacting asphalt(wipe some diesel on tamper so asphalt won't stick............price of typical driveway for sealing is10 to12 cents sq.ft. technique for sealing basically is to do it like your'e washing awindow back,forth not leaving lines(squeegee marks) orfoot prints ....allow 24 hours before driving on....and PLEASEdon't use cold mix home depot crap(it never sets up; no cold mix ever does)same with the seal hhhhhenry's it turns gray prematurely and gets hard and crusty and flakes off hope this helps powerjet pressure washing(oh, if the cracks are deep and wide enough you can tack the cracks and work the hot mix in there w/ a shovel ...otherwise prefill them w/seal or get crackfiller at the plant(they sell 5 gal. buckets)
  2. any job leads for san diego, ca. area?