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  1. Jon, Looks great, looks like alot of detail work. Nice Job
  2. "Wet & Forget" ?????????

    One of the owners of that company called me last year to wash his house, when I met with him ( Not knowing he was who he was) we walked around the house, I did my whole sales spill, then he says "have you ever heard about wet and forget" I said yes its Junk if you ask me, he then drops the bomb and tells me who he is, and I asked so are you actually wanting to clean your house? he said no, and I said &&*% *^& and left, what a ... wasting my time, insisting he needs a cleaning, only trying to sell me some crap to use for my business, arghh lol
  3. Phone Estimate

    I have been closing most house washes on the phone, then at the time of the job up sell them on other services, As far as deck restoration goes, I meet with everyone, so far my closing rate has been very high
  4. Really? Wow I learn something new everyday, Id suggest reading a bit, before answering any questions, you obviously know nothing about.
  5. check out sunbrite supply, you can see the deckster there
  6. Airless here, Deckster works fantastic as well, but I seem to get more control with my airless.
  7. here it goes for 2.75-4.00 per foot, that includes just a cleaning and prepping then staining, if it needs to be stripped could go higher.
  8. The deck is 13 years old, We did do some repairs on the railings, sanded most of the floors, and changed one or 2 boards.
  9. Rick, Thank you, Im a fan of the Mediums as well, Right now we just started another one, but this one is a custom blend, of 6 gallons light brown, and 4 gallons gold. It is really a killer color. I'll have pics up once its done. this deck above took 25 gallons
  10. and the driveway, this is the only pics of the drive I have, but the picture only shows half of it, it was about 400ft long
  11. Hey everyone, Its been a really long time since ive been around here since everything that was going on with my family, Since then business has started to pick up, and Landon has been doing wonderfully, I wanted to share some pictures, of a deck restoration we just finished up. I have to say this was one of the most difficult and tricky decks we have done, there was a ton of detail work, and being that we were over water their were alot of eviromental procedures we had to follow. But in the end it came out great, and I just wanted to share. We used Ready Seal Dark Red 030. Hope Everyone is doing well John Before Pics below
  12. I tried to run....

    Celeste, He did Actually, No joke.. lol
  13. Industry Unites!!!!

    At hospital on iPhone Landon is still breathing steady fast but steady, god bless y'all, really god bless y'all, just wanted to give a quick update John