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  1. Help my daughter with this

    Even if you want to send one from WI, thats fine too. Last year the teachers class got 400 postcards and they are trying to beat that. Thanks Jeff for helping out.
  2. Help my daughter with this

    I know you guys/gals have better things to do, but I thought this would be the best place to try and get every state. Please reply if your game. Thanks My name is Kyra Benson, I attend Colfax Elementary School and am in kindergarten. We are beginning a postcard-collecting project in my class. And I need your help. Our class would like people like you to send us postcards from the various states in our country. We plan to display these cards on a big United States map on a bulletin board in our room. In addition, we will be graphing, sorting, and counting how many postcards we receive by the end of Easter Vacation. Please ask your own neighbors or friends to help us out as will. We thank you for any help you can give us. The address for our project is as follows: KC Kindergarten Colfax Elementary School 601 University Av. Colfax, Wi 54730 P.S. Please put my name on it so I know which ones are mine. Sincerely, Kyra Benson
  3. Can anyone solve this?

    It doesnt, but chemistry professors tend to be a little weird.
  4. Can anyone solve this?

    If I can find the answer to this puzzle I will get 5 extra bonus points on my Chemistry exam. The professor said the answer is not 1. Do you guys have any idea. My freshman class in college was over a 1000 students; in fact it was 1058. And half of them were smart enough to advance beyond first-semester calculus. So that whole group of kids was then allowed to enroll in Calculus 2. Each of those sections of advanced calculus had the same number of students. How many sections were there? Seems like not enough information, right? But there is.
  5. What Makes 100%?

    The sad thing is that that formula holds true. Atleast in my experience in the military, the A@& kisser and the BS'er were always ahead. LUCKILY for me i am neither. To get 100% or better you have to give a little somthing extra, and that is where that all comes into play. lies and deciet get you above 100% and nothing is 100% efficient. So i am happing with 98%
  6. Leaking Pump

    I would bet that your pump needs to be repacked (seals). I went through this last week. About every 150 hours the seals will go out. If you dont already have your unloader plumbed back to the tank, you will want to do so. If it is not, the water in the pump gets hot when in bypass, heating up your plungers and when you pull the trigger again you let in a bunch of cold water, which is hard on the plungers. Just like putting an ice cube in water. If the plungers are cracked, replace with porcelin ones, if they are not already. Hope this helps. Feel free to call
  7. PW problems

    One of the mechanics here (21 years experience) was telling me when the pump seals are going out it can have troubles pulling from a tank but will work with forced water, ie...hose bib. Just like stated above
  8. Honest debate Iraq

    My opinion, Whatever Bush used to justify us going there to get saddam or the war on terrorism or whatever, saddam had to go, he wasnt contained. The amount of money we would spend to monitor Saddams air space and all his military is not cheap. That is not being contained, that is babysitting. You dont have to babysit if there is no baby. Anybody ever see the aircraft that we recovered that were burried underground covered in plastic? Whatever the reason, it was required. I was in the military for afghanistan (however you spell it) and Iraq both. Our planes were first in both places dropping a hair over 80% of all gps guided bombs. So I am a little bias to the situation. As far as the media, I sat on my couch with my wife and watched the planes that i was with take off to go to the desert on the news. We didnt leave until weeks later. Believe what the news says and your end up with good discussion. Anyway, sorry for ranting but this is a hell of a discussion for me and many others.
  9. What do you use

    I cant use Xjet, I need to etch a oil change pit, so i cant get overspray on the shop floor. I might try the ball valve idea. Or just get a phelps wand. Thanks guys
  10. What do you use

    What kind of pump do you use for applying acids. I have a shurflo pump set up. I ran saferestore through it and it didnt affect the pump but the wand does not seem to like it. I have a job that i will need to apply muratic acid. will my set up work for this stuff with a better wand. What does everybody use?
  11. Oh Boy, I need help!!

    It is hard to explain but in SOME case screens are easy to replace. Some have a rubber strip that presses down into a groove to hold the screen in. You simply pull the strip out and the old screen is removed. Go to a home store and get the proper size screen on a roll, cut the screen a little big and push the rubber strip back in pinching the screen in place, also stretch the screen best you can. Very inexpensive. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for the help matt, I will check out your site. I dont have any recovery equipment yet so maybe i will definately pass. I will read up on the issue and talk to a remediation company to see if they can help with any liability issues. Thanks again matt.
  13. I think i may pass on this. I do have liability insurance but not sure if it covers work inside like ken had stated. I am going to go look at it and explain to them that there is to much liability involved. Thank your for looking out for my best inerest everybody. I am glad to have a place like this to come to for advice. Thanks Ken and everybody on here, and thanks Beth and Rod for the site.
  14. I told the lady that they will need to run dehumidifiers after and get the basement completly dry. There is no drywall or anything. I am sorry to keep pushing it ken. But if i go in and do as i said, the mold does come back, what is my liability. If you wash a driveway and mold comes back a year later, is that any different. I know how this reads, please understand i cant put face to face expression or tone to it. this is all in a manor to understand, not question. Thanks Ken.
  15. What damage would this cause Ken in comparison to doing exterior stone or concrete. I am not questioning you, just not sure why i shouldnt. Thanks for the warning.