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    I started as a crewmember in the field primarily refinishing outdoor wood. I worked myself through the ranks and eventually ran a supply store that was active in the industry and very involved. I am now with NAPWO, a new distributor to the industry. I expect my experiences will allow NAPWO to provide the best service, instruction and products to the pressure washing industry.
  1. See the new post in the Vendor section or click HERE for the 2016 class.
  3. We are looking forward to seeing old, and making new, freinds at this years PWNA convention in Charlotte, NC. Nov 12 - 14th. Hope to see YOU there! Stop by our booth for some crazy savings on items like out ECO WASH House and Roof Wash; EPC (environmentlly prefered cleaner) all purpose cleaner; F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner; #30 Masonry sealer; and more....or get your new Alkota pressure washer! Tracy will teach PW 101 on Thursday afternoon, and PW 201 , an advanced class (covering things like getting into commercial work, bidding, Equipment maintenance; and reclaim) on Fri the 13th! Take this class and make it your lucky day! I hear Beth will be there too! Looking forward to a great few days taking shop. See you at the end of the week!
  4. I love our new logo!

  5. Looking forward to a great time at PWNA 2014! Come ask for your t-shirt at our booth. Tell us you saw this on the Grime Scene!
  6. Ready Seal

    Ready Seal can get wet after about fifteen minutes of application without much going to happen to it. Like Jim has mentioned, standing water on fresh sealer can be problematic, But truely, if RS doesn't have an oily sheen on the surface, then it usually won't be a problem. Watch for things like flag-stone or pavers or concrete underneath. Fresh sealer can be rinsed off the wood and land on things below. Again, if the sealer has had a short time to sink into the wood, then nothing should be effected.
  7. ...or you could use a stain that could be rained on without fear of problems.
  8. We sure are looking forward to attending!
  9. Sodium Percarbonate for Roofs

    Precarb cleaners are usually a fairly gentle cleaner that use an effervesence to help lift dirt off a surface. There PH level tend to be around the 7 mark. Precarbs are usually used as a chlorine alternative. Roofs are usually quite dirty once you are called and a fairly aggressive cleaner is often required to assist in the killing of the growth as well as soil removal. I have spoken with many contractors over the years who have used them and while they will work somewhat, the power and speed wanted by most contracts fall short when it comes to the precarbs.Many distributors have bleach-enhancing surfactants that help you keep you solution strength below damaging levels and will stay stable in your mix so you can use left over mix instead of having to discard it. Many of these mixes also can mask the bleach smell. These products are desirable as bleach and soap mixes are cheap and effective when used correctly, The precarbs just don't seem to have the same "oomph" to get the job done as quickly and effectively. Keep trying things until you find what you think is correct for you. This is just my experiences but if you go into roof cleaning more, I think at some point you will start using the bleach method as it does work..
  10. Ready Seal Fence

    Pine fence sealed with Ready Seal Light Oak
  11. It does have the Pumptec pump so in a sense, Yes. The frame is different but still holds the bucket. We have the Drum Drainer and all parts for Pumptec Pumps!
  12. Here are some pictures.
  13. North American Pressure Wash Outlet had an excellent experience at this years show. Great group and nicely put together. Seemed like all learned alot and had fun. We will certainly be at the 2014 show as well. The Embassy Suites is a great location for this and acommidations were wonderful. Hope to see more of you participate in the PWNA. Mr. Tracy Handl - NAPWO 678-943-1488 www.pressurewashoutlet.com