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  1. I need a buisness contract form or template

    Brand New on The Board + Very First Post + No Signature + No Please = ...
  2. Your biggest gripe about the cold weather?

    John and myself don't agree on a LOT of things, but this isn't one of them. lol
  3. Oregon Moss Removal

    We provide quality moss removal services throughout the Portland metro area including in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn and Wilsonville. Here in western Oregon moss grows on just about every outdoor surface and is your home or business' number one enemy. Left unattended it will eventually ruin wood, asphalt pavement, asphalt roof shingles, and even concrete. On walking surfaces moss and its related black algae slime can be even more slippery than ice. That's why they are the number one cause of outdoor slip and fall accidents in Oregon. Rapid HotClean Call or Text Anytime 503-709-3594 http://rapidhotclean.com/moss_removal_portland http://portland.pressurewashing.net/ http://rapidhotclean.com/roof_cleaning_portland
  4. TGS members check in with your website link

    http://rapidhotclean.com/roof_cleaning_portland http://rapidhotclean.com/pressure_wash_beaverton_cornellius_forest_grove_hillsboro_tigard_tualatin_wilsonville http://portland.pressurewashing.net/
  5. Not much wood around here anymore, unless it's metal clad. Vinyl and fiberglass.
  6. X-Jet and 8.25 household bleach

    X-Jet draw ratios vary based on GPM not PSI. The higher the GPM the weaker the solution that you'll be able to spray. With no proportioner at 4 GPM the mix ratio is 1.6/1.0. If you used straight 12.5% SH you'd be spraying SH at 4.8%. This is calculated as: 12.5/(1.6 + 1.0) = 4.8% I assume that you're using 5% household bleach? If so, the SH content in your receipe is 1.2%, which is about right. Your receipe = 3 gallons 5.0% SH and 2 gallons of water. So: (3 x 5.0%)/5 Total Gallons in Pail = 3.0% SH 3.0%/(1.6 + 1.0) = 1.2% SH coming out of the gun. If you used the grey proportioner the SH % out the gun level would decline to 0.9%.
  7. X-Jet and 8.25 household bleach

    How many GPMs is your pump?
  8. X-Jet and 8.25 household bleach

    I'm with you Beth. Love my M5!
  9. As usual, more beautiful work!
  10. We provide gentle, soft wash roof cleaning services throughout the entire Portland Metro Area. Estimates are prompt and always free! Rapid HotClean Call Or Text Anytime 503-709-3594
  11. We provide expert deck and fence cleaning services throughout the entire Portland Metro Area. Estimates are prompt and always free! Rapid HotClean Call/Text Anytime 503-709-3594
  12. We provide expert hot water power wash and soft washing services throughout the entire Portland Metro Area. Rapid HotClean Commercial + Industrial + Residential Call or Text Anytime: 503-709-3594
  13. First X-Jet job done...

    Hey there Tiger! Haven't we met someplace before? LOL www.rapidhotclean.com
  14. First X-Jet job done...

    That's one of the reasons I don't use the proportioners.
  15. Blue Puff

    And ain't that the truth! BTW, you've certainly gotten your money's worth!