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  1. GreenHouse Glass / Marijuana

    Now that's funny
  2. Hi guys It's been a while. Hoping on having some time to catch up on recent topics. In the mean time. I've hit the search area and can't find this topic. I've been asked to clean 200,000 Sq. Ft. of glass on the outside of a legal marijuana grow op. Does anyone have any experience at this.
  3. Dealing with Heights while Powerwashing

    Hi Guys It's been a while, hope everyone I know is doing well, (and those I don't know to) We had an ice-storm up here right before Christmas. I get a call asking us to come De-ice some roof trusses. (I'm thinking they are laying on the ground covered in ice). NOPE. They are already erected. Over top of an Olympic size pool they are building for the 2015 Pan-Am games. So on a 125 ft genie, fully extended, with an 18ft wand, over top of the middle of the pool in the light snow and wind for a week. I didn't make any were near $12,000 a day, but I certainly don't have a problem with what I made, lol. I tried to post a couple pic's 3 times but I give up. Guess computers aren't my forte'
  4. Hi Guys/Girls It's been quite a while since I've been on here, but a client called and asked if I knew of anyone in the Pompano Fl area that has been doing cleaning and sealing for a long time. I mentioned a forum that I used to frequent, so I'm back. Don is a long time client who owns a landscape supply business up here in my home town, and winters in Florida. It's a good size job, (approx. 50,000 Sq.Ft.) so if you have the experience and proven track record, please contact me by phone or E-mail.
  5. Gum Removal on cement side walks

    We did a sample section while we were there doing other things . I haven't bid on it yet. I don't know of a cost effective way to do it, but more so, a way to eliminate the shadowing.
  6. Gum Removal on cement side walks

    Hi guys/girls. It's been quite a while since I have been on here. I was asked recently to give a bid on cleaning some 12 year old concrete around a sporting facility. After various measurement & calculations, we came to the conclusion that there is somewhere between 25,000 & 30,000 pieces of gum. Thats one heck of a lot of ghosting. Sure wish my magic want would work.
  7. Up here the cleaning in the food industry is done more with dry ice. Nothing to clean up other than what you were off. No change in the PH. And in a lot of cases. You don't even have to shut the machines down.
  8. Garbage Shutes

    Bump. I was just asked again about this service.
  9. I've done dry ice blasting, soda,crushed glass, dry and wet applications and quite frankly am stumped on how you would even do it. Let alone how costly it would be. could you expand on this a little.
  10. We just got into the dry ice blasting. Now to start marketing to the food industry, fire restoration/ insurance companies That takes you inside, and adds to the list of services. John T. hit the nail on the head.
  11. airlines

    I've been a little busy lately, but stumbled on this and found it to funny not to share.If you've seen it I'm sure you will smirk. I you haven't you will Lyao. Pressure Washer - Southwest Airlines - Video
  12. Graffiti Insurance

    I carry $5,000,000 and am asked 4 or 5 times a month to have my insurance send them an inclusion of them on it.
  13. First Job for 2010

    Sorry for not posting earlier. I haven't been around. We got swamped first day back from vacation and haven't had a day off since. So here is a couple pic's of the 400 + i took. I'm off to a photographer's now to do the editing.
  14. I love these old historic restoration jobs. To start the year off with this almost wants me to go back to work.
  15. How can we DEEP clean Parking Garages so Fast?

    Jim What percentage of garage floors are concrete ??