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  1. Need Help Brand new commercial install of Ipe, roughly 1500 Sq. Ft. 9th floor exterior patio downtown Toronto Condo building. Something was stored on it. In one spot (not in the picture) there is clearly the shadow of a metal shim. Not sure what exactly was stored or caused the stain in the picture. We tried washing it with F10 and F18 followed by F8. Tried sanding. NOTHING. Any pearls of wisdom ?
  2. Abrasive blasting

    We have dry ice blasting as well as (recently) a dustless blaster which we can run wet or dry. We do post fire clean ups, mold remediation.... with the ice. And have done jail cells, garbage compaction room....with crushed glass and garnet.
  3. Up here the cleaning in the food industry is done more with dry ice. Nothing to clean up other than what you were off. No change in the PH. And in a lot of cases. You don't even have to shut the machines down.
  4. I've done dry ice blasting, soda,crushed glass, dry and wet applications and quite frankly am stumped on how you would even do it. Let alone how costly it would be. could you expand on this a little.
  5. We just got into the dry ice blasting. Now to start marketing to the food industry, fire restoration/ insurance companies That takes you inside, and adds to the list of services. John T. hit the nail on the head.
  6. airlines

    I've been a little busy lately, but stumbled on this and found it to funny not to share.If you've seen it I'm sure you will smirk. I you haven't you will Lyao. Pressure Washer - Southwest Airlines - Video
  7. First Job for 2010

    Sorry for not posting earlier. I haven't been around. We got swamped first day back from vacation and haven't had a day off since. So here is a couple pic's of the 400 + i took. I'm off to a photographer's now to do the editing.
  8. I love these old historic restoration jobs. To start the year off with this almost wants me to go back to work.
  9. Where do you store you equipment??

    For those of you that can make a GOOD living doing nothing but wood. My hat is off to you. I have storage issues like John. I have a few trucks, a couple plows/brooms, and a trailer. My garage is full, and so is my big shed. I keep my broom/plows and cube van at a GM dealealership.( But that will be going by way of the dodo bird as they didn't fit into the restructure plan.) My neighbours too, have been very lieniant. To move to the outskirts of the city would be a viable option, but I'm short an extra half mil. The joys of owning your own business.
  10. Pricing

    My unrequested .02 How can anyone in middle of...(your neck of the woods)..... think that they can charge what is requiried in NYC, or downtown overpriced ...., when u live in rural.... The HARDEST thing in pricing is trying to determine what the market will bear. Charge to much, and you miss the job. Don't charge enough and u left money on the table. It quite frankly is "THE" magical question. I can charge more for this than u can, and u get WHAT for doing that.??? Am I rambling about nothing. YA. Maybe. Because if I knew how much to charge for each and every job, I'd be a consultant, take 10% of everything and mail it in from Hawaii. Asking vague questions about pricing might help. If you were putting a nationwide blanket policie together. If you want to own a business. The golden 5 1.) quote a price 2.) get the job done 3.) in the time you set forth 4.) at a proffit 5.) and "collect the money""on time" If you aren't making enough money, you are either taking longer than you calculated, OR you aren't charging enough. Would I love to know what my competetors are charging so I can go in .5-2.5% cheaper. Sure. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Don't spend all your time working on what they are doing. Spend your time working on the golden 5, I may or may not have the same overhead. Matter of fact. I'm so selfish, I'm "ONLY" worried about making the golden 5. How can I get more business????????????????????????? THAT is the true question. At that point. I have no competition, that is worth concerning myself with.
  11. Should we start another organization???

    I'm in. And, "NOT", because I'm not happy with TGS . I think I'd be happy with the fact that the people there, would be longer time, and more seasoned vetrans. If I'm missing something, go a head and correct me. I won't be offended. From my squash club,golf club ,and hockey......As a member. And as a small(er) org. You spend less time, waisting time. Eveyone there will help, without adding in, when they THINK, that would be something to try or MIGHT work. And before someone decides to jump all over me. "I've learnt a load from lurking here and there" .Adding when I think I truly was adding/helping, not just posting for the sake of posting. I wouldn't stop lurking. Would it be worth it ?????????????????? I've blown money on dumber things. I have a feeling I might get slammed. Truth is. I'm looking forward to c y it's not a viable avenue.
  12. Remove fuel oil spill from cement

    Portland cement. Spread it on. Cover with plastic (that will help draw it up).Let it stand for a day or two and sweep it up. Then spray with natural enzymmes (ZEP's commercial section).
  13. Too many BBS's?

    You mean there are other boards out there. LOL Nothing against the other boards. But as mentioned, for the most part,it seemed like the same core people. I think I can get the help I need from here, and add a little back. There is only so many hours in a day. So unless this one falls apart, or changes against my liking. I think I'm here for a while. There is to many people for me to thank on this board to try and start listing them. So thanks to all who have helped me grow my business to where it is today. The boards sure have helped a lot of people.
  14. Nine years ago tomorrow.

    Congrats Rick.
  15. I used the SPF 48 ,once, a few years ago. What a NIGHTMARE. I had to strip it off the next spring. Sand,sand and more sanding.