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  1. Sodium Hydrochloride Roof Cleaning Need Solution

    Start w/ 30% SH (sodium hyprochlorite) + 70% water + lots of laundry detergent (Gain is the best). The trick is to start with a 30% mix and only strengthen as needed.
  2. Sodium Hypochlortite pricing

    Right now I'm paying a little under $3 a gallaon for 12.5%. It shot up a couple of months ago...i was paying about half that.
  3. Rookie

    you should capitalize the l in "licensed."
  4. Typically I just downsteam my normal house wash mix. I know some guys post-treat after cleaning but I only do that when necessary.
  5. In December we completely stopped power washing to make room in our schedule for Christmas light installation. Kept us busy thru Christmas!
  6. Awesome, another great PW forum!
  7. Ours is pretty much the same as yours John...around 40 degrees.
  8. Sounds like a terrific event!
  9. Metairie Pressure Washing

    Looking for the premier pressure washing Metairie? You need Tiger Wash! We are Metairie’s number one pressure washing company, serving clients across the area with professional, quality services at incredibly affordable prices. Our local, fully trained pressure washing technicians will complete your Metairie pressure washing project quickly and inexpensively. Pressure washing is the most cost effective method of keeping your exterior surfaces looking new and protecting your biggest investment. Whether you are in need of storefront commercial pressure washing for your Metairie business or residential pressure washing for your Metairie home, Tiger Wash will effectively remove dirt, mold, mildew, oxidation, gum, graffiti and other unwanted contaminants, leaving your property fully protected and looking fresh and clean again. We can power wash all surfaces, including: Vinyl Brick (siding, walls and walkways) Stone (siding, walls and walkways) Wood (siding, decks and fences) Sidewalks, and walkways Porches and patios Driveways and parking lots Garage and carport floors Roofs Dumpster areas Gutters We use a powerful and effective soft pressure system to clean your home or building’s exterior without any chance of damage, removing all mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants. We also use eco friendly detergents to clean while keeping you, your home or business, and your family or customers safe. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained and experienced, and we are also fully licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind that your building is getting cleaned correctly by real, knowledgeable professionals. Before settling on a Metairie power washing contractor, there are a few things you should consider: Is the company fully licensed and insured? Accidents do happen, and you want a contractor who can protect your valuable property in the event of any accidents. Is the company knowledgeable and experienced, with the right equipment to do the job? You will want a contractor who uses the latest in pressure washing technology, including soft pressure cleaning systems and bio-friendly soaps and detergents. What is the company’s reputation? Are they known for their professionalism? Look online for reviews of each company before making your decision. With Tiger Wash, you know that the answer to every one of these questions is YES, so the choice is easy next time you need to hire someone to help clean your home or building. We look forward to helping you with your Metairie pressure washing needs — call us today at (985) 288-9958 or contact us at info@tigerwashbr.com or using the form to the right now.
  10. For the finest pressure washing in Metairie LA, call Tiger Wash! We are the Metairie area's premier power washing service, providing businesses and homeowners throughout the area with quality, professional, and affordable pressure washing. We provide a wide range of services for our clients including house washing, driveway, patio, and sidewalk cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning for our residential customers. For commercial clients, our services range from everything from exterior cleaning, to fleet washing, parking lot cleaning, and dumpster pad cleaning. Whatever you need cleaned, we can do it! Call Tiger Wash now for your free estimate on pressure washing Metairie LA -- 225-678-8904 -- or send us an email at info@tigerwashbr.com.
  11. Graffiti Removal New Orleans, LA

    Looking for New Orleans graffiti removal? You’ve come to the right place. Tiger Wash is the New Orleans metro area’s premier graffiti removal service, providing prompt, professional, and speedy service at affordable prices. Unfortunately, graffiti is a problem everywhere from major cities areas such as New Orleans to even the smallest towns. And this graffiti can often cause your property to look terrible in the eyes of potential customers, greatly affecting your business . It can damage your image by creating an “unsafe” or “un-secure” feeling in the eyes of visitors to your facility, shopping center or business. The good news is we can help restore graffiti tarnished areas to their original condition through specially designed, safe, and effective removal agents. With our safe soft pressure system and specialized graffiti removal chemicals, we can easily remove even the largest patches of graffiti tagging and blight that your building may have. We have years of experience working on a number of commercial buildings to rid their property of unsightly tagging, and we would like to be able to help you, too. Our knowledge, experience, and equipment are unrivaled and our commitment to our customers and their satisfaction is unparalleled. You cannot go wrong by choosing us for your next cleaning. We use specialized, environmentally safe graffiti removal chemicals to safely and effectively remove any and all graffiti tags you may have, no matter how big or small they may be, at any height or distance. Our graffiti removal process starts with repeated applications of our specialized, powerful, and environmentally safe removal chemicals. This is then followed by a rinse with our soft pressure system. The result is a clean, new-looking, unmarked and graffiti free area for your building, greatly upping your property’s curb appeal and communicating a feeling of trust and safety to your customers. One key we have found to be effective in stopping future tagging is to remove the tag as quickly as possible. This deters taggers from bothering with your building again since they know it will be quickly cleaned up and removed. It also removes the thrill factor also present, as well as, and removing the graffiti quickly with make vandals look elsewhere to do their damage. We service the entire New Orleans metro area including the cities of Kenner, Metairie, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, Slidell, Mandeville, Covington LA, and Hammond LA. Whether it is historic homes in the Garden District or local landmarks like Canal Street’s Joy Theater, Tiger Wash remains New Orleans’ premier graffiti removal company. Give us a call today at 225-678-8904 or email us at info@tigerwashbr.com to get a free estimate on New Orleans graffiti removal for your property and to return your building to its original, graffiti-free look.
  12. Looking for the best in graffiti removal services in New Orleans? Tiger Wash is the New Orleans metro area's leading graffiti removal company, helping countless businesses across the region keep their buildings looking clean and tag-free. Graffiti is not only unsightly and unattractive, but it also sends a negative image to potential customers who might think twice about working with a company that always its building (and its business image) to become marked up by taggers. At Tiger Wash, we work hard to help your business restore your building to its original state and give your customers a clean, trustworthy image for your company. We use only the best in safe and effective, eco-friendly chemicals to remove graffiti from your buildings, ensuring that there is no damage and all taggings are completely removed. We would love to help your business remove its taggings and restore the building to its original look. Give Tiger Wash a call today at 225-678-8904 or email info@tigerwashbr.com to begin your graffiti removal in New Orleans.
  13. Joe Walters is great! Fantastic company w fantastic prices! I wouldn't go with anyone else personally.
  14. Are you looking for professional website design or Internet Marketing services for your pressure washing company? Red Stick Strategy is a company for power washing contractors run by a contractor. We know the pressure washing industry inside and out and have the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to know how to bring your business to the top, whether it is through Internet Marketing and SEO bringing you more calls and potentials customers or through a custom-built, awesome looking website that outshines your competitors' and gives your company a terrific brand image. Our experience with power washing gives us the know-how to be able to effectively word your website in a way that resonates with your potential clients and brings in more leads. Services include: Web Design and Development Internet Marketing and SEO Graphic Design Give Red Stick Strategy a call now to get started on your website today! Call (225) 678-8904 or email us at info@RedStickStrategy.com.