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  1. Shane, I assume right about now and for the next couple of months the phone won't quit ringing. When do you start to notice a taper from the spring "bloom"? I have 3-4 decks lined up in the past week along with a few house washes and drives.
  2. Exterior Doors?

    Thanks, James!
  3. Oil on Asphalt help...

    I wouldn't go with the SC on asphalt especially at any high pressure. Asphalt is pretty soft. Here is a demo I did using EBC, hot water and soft wash. I think these results are about the best you can ask for when removing a petroleum based product from a petroleum based product.
  4. Exterior Doors?

    All of these doors are covered. I'll get some pictures. I still haven't got by to give a quote yet. I figured I would pull each door down and work it off of padded saw horses. If it is a factory stain, how would I figure out what to strip it with? What stain would you recommend using? I thought about putting a marine grade poly over it? What would be your thoughts on that? I'm certain I couldn't do that over any oil based stains, right? If I don't use the poly what would be a good route to go? I want to be able to present options when I go back to meet with them
  5. Exterior Doors?

    I'm not sure? I assumed that most doors were made from some type of hardwood? The stain that is on them now is faded bad! I'm not sure what it is as they are not the original owners. I would imagine some cheap off the shelf big box brand exterior stain.
  6. Have you ever stripped, cleaned and restained any exterior doors? My last client asked me to come back and do all the doors with the same AC stain I used on their deck and fence. How would you approach this job and how would you bill it? There are 7 doors total around 8-9ft tall and standard width. They all have glass in them. Is that an issue when stripping them? The old stain appears to be an inferior water based that is faded out in some areas. What would I strip them with? I'm open to all input here folks! Thanks a bunch!
  7. Thanks David! Guys, this client has already called me back for another project! They also asked me to bring business cards as the neighbors are asking them about my company. Pretty thrilling! You all helped me so much on this project and I really appreciate it! I'm going to start a new thread about the next project. I will post some more pictures here when I get back to take some
  8. Thanks, Rod! That makes a lot of sense!
  9. I'm not done yet, Shane but I will leave some if I have any left. I'm going to be cutting it real close because I didn't realize how much stain a shadow box fence would eat up! Thanks all!
  10. Beautiful chairs! What little I know about cypress is that it retains it's natural oils almost indefinitely. It is naturally resistant to rot and termite infestation which is what makes it such an ideal wood for homes in our southern climate. I don't know for sure but I have always been told not to apply anything to cypress because it would seal it and cause it to rot from the inside out. Has anyone else ever heard that?
  11. We completely restored this deck. We set all the exposed nail heads and screws, added screws where needed, stripped what was left of the old failed and inferior sealer, cleaned, brightened and brushed the furrs and lightly sanded the extremely weathered wood, replaced a few bad boards, added a new rail cap all the way around, added structural support to the poorly designed hand rails and finally finished with AC! This made for one happy customer! I learned so much about what to do, what not to do and how to fix mistakes on this project it is unreal! I still have another deck and a few hundred feet of shadow box fence before this entire job is complete so I will have more b4 and after shots when it is all done. Thanks to all of you who have helped me along as I have worked this job!
  12. It's not that he actually just flat out said it but it is what he promotes and sells on his website. My intent was not to make him or anyone the subject matter but to get some clarification on what the general consensus is and to learn. My thoughts on the subject are that oil would seem to do more to actually prolong the life and condition the wood. I'm sure waterbased products penetrate deeper but then again, so does water, right? Also, I think about what is needed to "clean up" after applying the stain. These are just my own thoughts and the questions my mind seems to focus on. Considering I am just learning, I have to try and see things from other perspectives and have things explained in ways that my mind doesn't want to see. Does trhat make sense?
  13. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    I'm sick of the rain, sleet and cold weather! Definitely not something we are accustomed to in South MS!