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  1. This thread definitely needs the dancing banana!?!? Have a great weekend everyone, Jake
  2. Send the wet cool weather to California! Carlos and I need it bad! Jake
  3. Hello Beth, John T is right. This job is "absolutely stunning". It is wood restoration pros like you all that makes our humble stains sing. Beth, this thread has made my week!!! Many thanks, Jake
  4. Snow

    Desperate times call for desperate measures! Beth, break out the Dancing Banana!!!!! Jake
  5. Hello Jason and other Armstrong Stain users, If you have a deck staining job when the temp is lower than 50 degrees there are several things you can do. 1) Keep the stain at room temp (60 degrees or warmer) 2) The wood needs to be free of dew and water content no more than 20% 3) Apply the stain in the direct sunlight and the heat of the day. The 50 degrees is measured in the shade so the wood will be well above 60 degrees. Following these helpful hints of the trade will give you an earlier start and later finish to your season. Many thanks for using our stains, Jake 1 209 541 6579 cell
  6. Do you think he has headed out to Denver and Seattle to test their new laws?!? HA! Jake
  7. Hello Shane, Thanks for giving our stain a try on the teak. I hope your friend's deck is IPE or Mahogany. Amber works extremely well on PT Pine as well. All the best, Jake
  8. John T, Many thanks for the kind words. Where else did you find us mentioned? Shane, This Spring we sent you at least 5 gallons of our Amber for hardwoods at no charge for you to test. Any thoughts and feedback? You are a Bakers distributor so this test is truly fair and balanced. There is no similarity between this site and www.armclark.com. Just look. Diamond Jim, You too were compted Amber to try. I am still waiting for your feedback. This website ranks Bahr Stains at the bottom. Since half of the wood restoration industry walks away from Behr Stain stripping, should we not applaud their backbone and hiss at Consumer Reports? Jake
  9. Doug, 20% moisture is not a problem with our stains. Just keep the stain at sixty degrees or better. Jake
  10. Hello Doug, If you keep our stain at room temperature before applying, you will have no problems. Call with questions, 1 209 541 6579 cell. Jake www.armclark.com
  11. Rick. Count us in with the reviews. Right now we are ranked #1 in the US. Track well, Jake
  12. Matching Mahogany Flame?

    Shane, In no way did Rick go beyond the bounds. His comments were well documented by previous quotations. The general public is here at TGS on a daily basis and pays attention to this website. Perhaps you should review the qualifications of "forum leader". Posts do make a difference and should be neutral in nature. Jake
  13. Hello Peirce, It is moments like this that I thank God Rick is your customer and not mine. It appears that he has contracted the new strain of fungus that enters one ear and works its way to the other! My thoughts and prayers are with you Peirce, as I fear, Rick's medical bills might be heading your way. Stiff upper lip, Jake
  14. Best clear wood finish

    John. We have sample cans available. Please call at 1 800 565 8211. Many thanks, Jake