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  1. Deck Care Plus

    DECK CARE PLUS is family-owned and operated business , . Since starting in Pennsylvania's in 1991, weve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.
  2. Does anyone strip pavers?

    Count me in as well Jon. Thanks!!!!
  3. Best oil/stain for Ipe deck?

    Check out Messmer's UV oil. A customer asked me to apply it to thier IPE deck that they had used it on before and it seems to do very well. I believe the Sealer Store that sponser's this site sells it.
  4. Shur-flo

    We like to use the 3/8 braided hose because it is lightweight and easier to handle. Where did you get your shur-flo from? I am looking for a back up one to have in hand. I would also be intersted in knowing if anyone has ever rebuilt one before?
  5. House washing proposal help

    Beth, I want to make up a preprinted form that I can send or leave that covers doing all types of house facades. I also would like have something that covers the problems with artillery fungus and older surfaces such as aluminum siding oxidation. Not sure how to put it all together.
  6. Looking for assistance with setting up a proposal, strickly for house washing. Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. :)
  7. Guidelines to Interview Questions You Can Legally Ask

    How about non-compete clauses and employee agreements...anyone use them?
  8. Rick, You the man with a plan...Any chance you can post a pic of that set up. How are you doing old friend??? Still have my surface cleaner I built...thanks to you!