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  1. Starting up washing business.

    - Strategize your business: service offerings and scope. - Get your power or pressure washing equipment: get a van and start off small. - Create your brand: company name, logo, and contact information. - Do marketing on social: join groups and post fun before and after content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. - Register and insure your business: establish as an LLC. - Plan ahead for growth: think about how clients will keep in touch and book appointments, and how you will offer more services going forward. Source: Commercial Cleaning
  2. Starting up washing business.

    Check your skills. Pressure washing takes a little more than just buying a pressure washer and spraying down a person's driveway or siding. ... Get the right equipment. To start your own pressure washing business you're going to need your own equipment. ... Set your business up right. ... Put your business online. ... Start booking jobs. Source: Commercial Cleaning