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  1. Are you guys talking about the (RETARD) test that Ron Musgrave's is doing on YouTube ?
  2. How cold(temp) for you to not powerwash?

    We do our fleet washing as low as 15 deg.
  3. Your favorite Industry bulletin boards and why?

  4. Part Timers

    So let me get this straight "Wash Me", Every "Part Timer" is only testing the "water"? Sooooo, you started full time? You woke up one day and said, " I think I will start a pressure washing business and I will have 40 hrs worth a work from this moment on" EVERYONE starts out part time. EVERYONE!!!!!!
  5. Your favorite Industry bulletin boards and why?

    I think the one that has ZERO drama. Still looking for it.
  6. Part Timers

    Honestly I think it makes no difference if you are a part timer, full timer or a weekend warrior. I think either person can contribute to the industry. Just because you are a part timer doesn't mean you do not know what you are doing. I have learned PLENTY from both full and part timers and continue to do so. There are many reasons why a company is only part time, maybe they are just starting out, maybe they cannot find the right help so they only take on so much, maybe they already have a full time career and can only do it part time and enjoy doing it. It makes absolutely no difference how many hours a week a person works. Whether they work 10-20 hrs or 30-40 hrs a week, it does not make them any more or less knowledgable then the next company. I started out as part time and that's because I already had a full time career that I loved. I accidentally got into this business and decided I loved it as well. So I was part time for five years until I retired from the Police Department. Well being part time had its privileges, I was able to juggle both and therefore able to build up to full time. If I did not retire, then I would STILL be a "Part Timer" Point being, maybe people just enjoy having 2 careers. IMHO.
  7. Downstream Injectors

    No. Not really. Guess I should be. But these last injectors have only about 20 hrs on them.
  8. Downstream Injectors

    5.6 3500 PSI, Guns are rated at 10 gpm, honestly not sure size of injector. Just plug in gpm's on the online order form for a 5-8 gpm machines. And use a regular soap tip to apply and rinse with a #6 tip.
  9. Need recommendations for downstream injectors. I seem to be going thru them like crazy. I have them attached at the hose real and only run a brushless truck soap (one step) thru them with hot water. They either stop drawing or they start sending water into the chem bucket. Any suggestions?
  10. Vinyl Lettering

    You know I rarely go on this board anymore because you 2 JO's Tony ************** and Ron Gamble constantly hijack almost every thread. People come on here to interact and try to learn valuable information. Why do both of you need to constantly go back and forth like 8 year olds in a public forum??? It is just flat out embarrassing and getting REAL old. You both claim how busy and big you both are but yet you have a ridiculous amount of posts. I run only 3 trucks and I barely have time to check emails. I really wish you guys would knock it off and grow up. You are grown men for Christ sake!!! Where are all the "Moderators" for all this BS??? You guys call yourselves professionals??? You 2 certainly do not act like ones. For me, I would not ask either of you for the time of day, let alone a professional question. Hard to take children seriously.
  11. Pool Deck Stains

    Been there done that!! 12.5% SH and it will disappear.
  12. Hi John, honestly will take either one. I prefer the CAT but at this point will take the nicest one I can find. Some may think overkill but I am looking to be able to carry at least 1500 gals of water when I need to. We do a decent amount of commercial (not including fleet washing) and large residential work where water is limited. Especially when running 2, 9 GPM's and 2 to 3, 6 GPM machines at once. It becomes EXTREMELY time consuming when you are trying to fill tanks from only one or if lucky 2 hose bibs. Most of my Orange County work is all well water. In my opinion time is money!!! If I can save a couple of hours by not having to keep refilling tanks, I will take it. I will absolutely post pics!!!
  13. Brian congrats on your new flatbed. What is the GVW?? Not sure by you but have to be careful with weight. HEAVY fines for being overweight. In the process of getting an F650 now with 24' box. Have a 2007 LCF 55 with 18' box we use for FW'ing, 16' enclosed trailer for res/comm work. Going to make the big truck mine and turn trailer into extra water tank/recovery trailer. Lots of plans!!!
  14. concrete pricing

    ABSOLUTELY need to have an use a minimum. Otherwise you will be going to jobs working for pennies. IMHO.