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Okay, I am new here. I dont wanna call myself a newbie because I read one guy said discussing prices and such with newbies creates low ballers. I am in the property care business meaning we do a lot of different things for our clients. Some of which has been deck cleaning. Ive done okay with it but I know we can be better and more efficient. I also dont want to be a low baller. That said I am looking for sound advice. To start I would like to ask for the best reciepe for a cleaning solution when doing a deck and I am certain there are some different ones for woods such as cedar.

I am all for the spray on and rinse off type of cleaning. I would like to use something to basically eliminate brushing for the most part. I wouldnt mind some good how to books and liteature as I am getting more and more of this type of request. What is the best sealer to use once deck is clean?

Ill take an ABC someone is willing to offer a geniune willing to learn individual.

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I'll start off by suggesting first that you read the archives.

This forum in particular has a ton of information on the very same questions you are asking which so many individuals have already posed before.

Pick your search term and have a read.

There are a number of products others use to clean and strip decks in addition to other structures as well to be found in your searches.

As far as pricing goes, the best advice I can give is to understand YOUR costs that go into the service first.

I have a sticky in the library forum which touches on this so you can develop your own price structure instead of trying to compete based upon arbitrary pricing among those you may compete with...at this time.

I say that cause if you are not profitable you may join the ranks of many who under price themselves and are no longer a 'competitor'.

Once you have had a chance to cover some of the basics on pricing, I would be glad to get into the specifics a little more at that time cause there is so much to cover beforehand and time is running shy for those of us including yourself who have a finite season in which to do this type of work.


The Library

In the process of learning, it includes research. Have a click on the links above to get started. :)


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