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How many of you guys on this board have truck-mount carpet cleaners

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We tried the multi-use concept early on but came to the conclusion that decreasing gpm (5+ to 1 or 2gpm) recommended for carpet cleaning on our larger pw equipment exposes us to equipment repair costs and client asset damage. Not to mention the loss of already limited space on rigs for the additional equipment. But more importantly, employees damaging assets due to "environment" exchange measures (from exterior commercial fleets to interior residential).

Repetition is the rule for quality, safety and profit . Different set of BMPs for each field and use of equipment.

However, addition of a seperate Carpet Cleaning division has been explored, only a dedicated fleet/equipment concept would our foundation.

Be that as it may, in this economic climate anything goes to keep the doors open.

The Truckmount we experimented with for dual utilization was 24hp with a 4mp blower. We changed out the pump to a ts2021, and when in pw mode were able to increase the pressure to full power without over powering engine by removing the vac tank cover and almost eliminate blower drag. If I were to attempt it again I would probably go with a 3 cyl or 38hp engine with a clutch installed on the blower and a larger generator head (5000w) for heater/accessory access.

Currently we have a fury 2400 vac system that uses the same blower that in conjunction with our Hot units would give use Carpet Cleaning diversity. But for the reasons mentioned above the environment transition would be more costly I think than the field of profit is worth to realize.

It should be easier for you switching from carpet cleaning to a pressure washing specialty rather than the other way around for us.

I think I did a little contemplating rather than replying ............lol

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