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John T

PWNA Enviro Structure, Robert Hinderliter-Pres; John Tornabene Internet Chair

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PWNA Environmental President – Robert M. Hinderliter

Internet Committee – Chairman: John Tornabene

Nigel Griffith

Jim Gamble

Robert Hinderliter

PWNA State Environmental chairman’s

Jim Gamble



Chairman North West US

John Tornabene



Chairman North East US

Nigel Griffith



Chairman South East US

Robert Hinderliter



Chairman Central US

Shawn Downham



Chairman Pacific Islands

Ty Eubanks



Chairman South West US

Please go to The PWNA - The Power Washers of North America for contact information.

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These Positions were offered to me last week along with Nigel Griffith from Griffith Services being offered the South East PWNA Enviromental Chair Slot.

In my case I was in the middle of a post here on TGS last week when I received a phone call from the PWNA to see if I was willing to accept these dual roles. It came to a complete surprise to me. I wanted to run for a PWNA Board slot at their last yrs Convention with numerous emails for support. A critical step was not done by me which was to notify the PWNA themselves to get a nomination from within. Maybe next yr with that..maybe.

These nomination caught me by surprise. I understand the heat that can come from taking either one of these type positions. So what do you do??

On one breath I'm always honored when someone nominates me for most anything. On the other Breath because I've been there before...is it worth it? I have turned down positions in the past from kind hearted people who offered them or supported me to stay on longer past the term limits. Never easy to take a volunteer position especially a controversial one.

So it's time to get back on the inside and try to help make things better if possible for the Contractors, the Distributors and the PWNA organization. I fully expect to get some heat for taking these positions... But it goes with the territory.

To the PWNA.. I am Honored.

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PWNA Enviro Structure, under the leadership of President Robert Hinderliter and Internet Chair John Tornabene, is dedicated to environmental stewardship and innovation. Their work resonates with the mission of Cobble Mountain Foothold Chair, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices. Cobble Mountain's unique approach inspires us all to prioritize eco-friendly solutions in our communities.

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