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  1. Joe Walters completely abandoned the KEC customers.
  2. Va is actually very fair about the issue. On contracting work when they pull a permit for a job they put your contractors licence number in the system and if it pops as inactive,completely fraudulent, or registered to someone else they make the contractor obtain a valid licence before they will sign off on the work.
  3. Check supplier

    I would agree BofA sucks. One closest to us did not have the American Flag flying and I asked the greeter atthe door what was up with no flag...her response/ Well it was really cold out today so I think we just "forgot" to put it up.... They were pretty patriotic when they were asking for and GOT 20 Billion dollars and a gaurantee to 118 Bliiion more.... I think they can walk out and put the flag up. Honestly look for a local bank that will give free buisness checking and has online services you need or want. ( mobile check cashing, online transfer and bill pay and a good CC card rate.)
  4. Could use some help finding another truck.

    Go to www.trucktrader.com They show up there. I would suggest calling the Trugreen regional office near you or up and down the east coast and they will tell you specificly what they do with them. Around here they go to stateline auction In Harrisonburg VA in the mid winter when they get new trucks to replace the old ones.
  5. Wash it out with water and let it air dry?
  6. If you ever hear the phrase "what is your hourly rate" in a conversation about a job they are price shopping and run. All they are looking for a uniform way to quickly compare your price to someone else who has fallen for the same trick.
  7. Who's is insured by the Joe Walters Agency?

    So they want the easy money.... :neglected:
  8. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    The storm 2 days ago was the final straw. We are anywhere from a few days to 3-4 weeks behind on jobs due to the weather.
  9. Who's is insured by the Joe Walters Agency?

    My question is why if they are so involved with actually covering cleaners did they dump all of thier KEC clients?
  10. Oil on Asphalt help...

    Use the hottest water at the lowest pressure you can and "feather" the oil out of the asphalt. You will see it let go and come up as a brown film. Once it starts coming up work it from that spot. One other thing to do is to immedialely pull the waste water up off the asphalt or it will run down hill cool and run back intot he ashpalt.
  11. Who's is insured by the Joe Walters Agency?

    They no longer write KEC companies
  12. Good for them I guess. Like I said they lost my attention about a minute into the clip with them "high fiving each other" about things I do not know about. I guess I need to see the previous episodes or missed something. Either way glad they are doing something entertaining in the industry.
  13. They lost me about a minute into the clip. I don't get it.
  14. Neat Desk / Neat Receipts

    That would be much more usefull. When I or others are out on a job buying fuel supplies ect it would be much easier to have them take a picture and send it to the program right away. In the office I am fine with just putting things in with QB but if it was as easy as they say I would switch everything over to that system.