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  1. My viral video

    Thanks David, the way she said my name it would be hard to know it was me. Me and my wife got a good laugh. Now Lori is calling me "Hinderluffer"...lol Samsung Note II using Tapatalk
  2. My viral video

    Check this out! The video I shot at the Rodeo made the local Channel 4 News. A freind of mine from Dallas called to tell me it was on at 9. I just watched it on the 10 O'clock news. How cool is that? Here is the link to it on my youtube channel. Oh, my name must be hard to read on the teleprompter. She called me Mike Hinderliffer. Haha!!! Samsung Note II using Tapatalk
  3. Jerry, How cold can a vacuum be used on a surface cleaner before the introduction of the cold air starts to freeze the water in the vac hoses or other components? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  4. My Son and Photoshop

    HAHA!! I had a few friends that had some fun with the younger children. One even told them that all three of us were no longer.
  5. My Son and Photoshop

    This kid is hilarious!! He took my photo and added the shark.. pretty cool!!
  6. Thanks Doug Rucker

    It is too bad indeed that the BBS's have become cluttered with carefully crafted innuendo's and accusations that lead the reader to believe something that is definitely not true.. Remain silent about the false claims too long and people start to believe they may be true. I myself have been a victim of this activity and find it extremely unprofessional and disheartening. Make a post to protect your integrity and prove the claim false and they move to a new attack and even take it to new venue, BBS, and begins the attacks all over again. What you have to understand is the more attention these groups receive the more they build their names and reputation by belittling and downing others. There are those that love to create the drama because it keep people coming back but unfortunately the drama as always overshadows and the opportunity for education is lost. I for one am extremely glad to see administrators of the good BB's move to improve the professionalism of our industry by stopping those that make attacks on others BBS's that would not be allowed on their BBS's from posting on their board. Notice I have not mentioned names. It is for a reason. It is time to move on and continue to protect the integrity of our industry. I sure the drama centers will continue to draw the drama crowed which I will not be a part. I hope that they will eventually see how it hurts us all and the changes will be made to move away from it. It is too bad that your thank you to Doug was sidetracked. I am sure he was helpful. I will also state that I have had a banner ad on this site for several years and I have never received any preferential treatment as I am sure no other advertiser here has either.
  7. Thank you powerwash.com

    You are Welcome Mike. Glad to help out. I like the quick video.
  8. What a great post made to Robert Facebook wall Robert Hinderliter | Facebook
  9. Most definitely Robert will still be working and helping with environmental. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what happens to the power washing industry. He puts and has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into it. He is available and carries the title of Environmental Specialists with Powerwash.com.
  10. PWNA/UAMCC Press Release

    At the Houston Envirmental Enforcement meeting this past July, Sargent Michael Walsh expained why enforcement became so aggressive toward power washing. I strongly recommend watching these four video's if you want to know first hand. At the end of the video's I have also added the complete playlist for all the video on youtube to see the meeting in it's entirety. Link to see the entire Houston Environmental Enforcement Meeting:
  11. Support each other on Facebook

    Gerald, it worked for me and I liked you page.
  12. Support each other on Facebook

    I don't know if any one has done this yet on TGS but wanted to through an idea out about everyone show support for each others Facebook page. Post a link to "like" each others pages. Here is mine: Powerwash.com - Retail and Consumer Merchandise - Fort Worth, TX | Facebook
  13. No mike there has already been Changed, regardless of what you may think the enforcement has modified there outlook. I have been cleaning up your messes for years now, I will do what's needed when the time is right. False informations hurting others are bad for our industry. I will not allow it any longer, I'm happy you have private clubs give you

    support for efforts. I will have engineers and educators legal counsel involved in my process.

    Mike is your company responsible for Houston? What has your father done in the past for Houston, how did this happen on your watch?

  14. Ron,

    Your recollection is incorrect. I was never opposed to this group. If handled correctly I believe it can be very beneficial. And I have stated so publicly. Why have you not posted the proposals from the law offices in Texas? Why has there been such a loud out cry from you and no real substantive action except to attack others in the industry that are and have actually done something. It is very easy to read between the lines here Ron. The key words in your statement below are "when and if needed". This tells me you will find a reason not to move forward with any legal action as you have told several you would.