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  1. Los Angeles Hood Cleaning

    Here is a great video that shows that when getting your restaurant hood cleaning in Los Angeles, cheaper is not always the way to go. Lots of hood cleaning companies in Los Angeles will offer service for around $250, but what are you really getting when you pay this low low price? Take a look: Bryan Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Los Angeles has never been the cheapest guy on the block, but we guarantee our work, and follow up every hood cleaning service with photographic evidence. And if there is ever a problem with your service, you can rest assured that our friendly office staff will be there when you call and get any customer service issues handled properly. We are the only Grease Police Certified Hood Cleaning Company in Southern California (Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaners «Hood Cleaning Professionals) which means we are the only restaurant exhaust hood cleaning company in Southern California completely dedicated to quality kitchen exhaust cleaning and overall customer satisfaction. Give us a call today and find out what true hood cleaning service is all about 800-300-7832.
  2. Contest Myrtle Beach happenings

    Sign me up!
  3. How's 2009 biz

    Were were down 48% through July. August has been very dry so far as well. This recession is much worse than the ones we went through in the 80's and 90's but we made it through those so we are keeping our heads up and looking to come out of the other side with as much business as we can retain.
  4. Happy Bday Shack Attack

  5. UAMCC National Convention

    I heard everyone attending gets a free iPod touch
  6. You seem to be the go to guy. Can I ask a few questions.

  7. Free cards for our troops

    Let's Say Thanks
  8. How many bytes are movies?

    There are a lot of bytes in this movie
  9. Ah, talkin with the enemy behind my back eh? Thank you Rogo

  10. Sorry all

    And now for something completely different [YT]6_5O-nUiZ_0[/YT]
  11. Eight years ago

    That is a beautiful family, congratulations!!!
  12. Say NO to Gays!

  13. Matt trust me i dont want anything to do with this person or anything he has.Now when new ownership happens i would like to be part of the site.I already told him i didnt have no interest in the purchase i just hope this didn't ruin it for you all. Dont comment anything public or it could hamper what you are trying to do . Thank you Marko

  14. Say NO to Gays!

    When a man and woman get married, they get a marriage license. What do two women get when they get married?
  15. Say NO to Gays!

    Connecticut here I come!!!!