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  1. Sodium hydroxide block!

    So, how much do you have invested in that bucket of solid SH? You might try adding hot water to the block. but, do not add the hot water to the sh inside a building!
  2. Buyer Beware!

    I must disagree with Guy B. I dealt with Delco/Rahsco/Powerwash.,net for years. Now that Larry and Robert have retired, There is a definite lack of service. Now I call on Russ at Southside for my repair/maintance parts. Monday, the thermostat probe broke. Wednesday, 2 new thermostats arrived at my door.
  3. Electrical outlets...safety

    Hoods are a bit different because there is always grease around the outlets. We first use a cleaner around the outlet. Then we use clear package tape around the outlet. As BradCarey said, we start at the bottom and overlap each layer. But we make the first layer a little longer, then fold the end under so we have a tab to grab and all the tape comes off. We have never had a problem with sparks, but if you are concerned, get a Water Mist from Amerex. Do not recharge a water mist yourself. you have to use DI water. If you do use an ABC extinguisher on an energized electrical circuit, clean the powder off the wet wiring. water and Ammonium Phosphate will corrode the wiring.
  4. injector problem

    I use the General injectors, from Southside Eq in the state of Kentucky. They seem to work the best.
  5. injector problem

    We seem to have fixed the problem. We have a 5 gallon bucket of water that we put the siphon tube in. We run that through the hose while we put stuff away. Sometimes, I will use hot water to rinse the injector. We also have a special tool when the injector stops working. Remove the hose, & the hose barb. Take a pull pin from a fire extinguisher. Use the pull pin to push the ball free.
  6. Engine died

    Yes. The wiring diagram from powerwash.com was not for my pw. I called Aaladin and talked to them. I found out the PW I bought, was built in 2012. Aaladin e-mailed me the correct wiring diagram and a parts manual. They also suggested we replace a black box the has 4 spade terminals, called a rectifier. I do not know what that is or does, but it fixed the problem. I did find there is an Aaladin repair shop in Caldwell, only 125 miles away. Everything works, for now.
  7. Engine died

    Amber from powerwash.com sent me a wiring diagram and parts manual. Stuff that should have been send with the PW. Maybe there is still some customer service. Is it possible the alternator/Regulator is not putting out enough amperage and voltage to run the burner? The battery turns the engine over easily.
  8. Engine died

    I am back in the office today. ( who told me I would have lots of free time when I went into business myself? He lied) The owner's manual has no wiring diagram and there is no service from Powerwash.com since Larry left. I e-mailed Aaladin and hopefully they will respond. I had great hopes when Josh went to work for powerwash, but he has been moved from the shop to hoods. I think Russ must be doing very well with the change in ownership at powerwash.com
  9. Engine died

    OK, I am back in the office, from working all week out of town. The guys checked the oil and it is OK. They looked for loose wires and frayed wires. Today I will fax Russ the wiring diagram, such as it is.
  10. Engine died

    Last night, the PW was running fine. Then Justin hollered down the duct that he had no water. I went outside to the trailer, the engine had stopped. There was fuel. I cranked on the engine and it finally started. I turned on the burner. The engine stopped. The pump was working, the engine started easily, but the toggle switch stopped the engine. Just the toggle switch stops the engine. The rocker switch does not stop the engine. We finished the job with the customer's hot water. Then Justin finished the visible parts of the hood with a spray bottle and S/S pads. I am not impressed with the Aladdin PW. What could be the problem?
  11. No pressure

    Russ called me to make sure I got the message. My other TS 2021 pumps did not have thermal relief valves. Seems I do not need the thermal relief valve as we plumbed the return hose to the tank. Thanks for the parts, great service as always. (Don't forget to send me $5.00 for the advertising blurb)
  12. Haz. Mat.

    Did you check with your wife before posting? If not, where shall we send get well cards?
  13. No pressure

    I did not check for intake leaks. I think it time to install a clear supply hose from the tank to the pump inlet. My previous TS 2021 pumps did not have thermal relief valves. Can I just replace it with a brass plug until you can send me the right part? Will removing the thermal relief valve loose any oil? Is the valve pipe thread? It looks about the same as 1/2 or 3/4 thread. The oil in the pump is not milky, nor has the oil level increased.
  14. No pressure

    I have a General TS 2021, 125 hours. Last week we did, or tried to do a job. It was about 27°F outside. The hose on the reel froze and broke. We used the extra hose to do the job. We had no pressure, the water just squirted about 1 foot. We figured the hose was frozen, so we just did the job with a garden hose. Sunday, I pulled both hoses out of the trailer and put them in the shop. They were not frozen. I had the frozen hose fixed with new end. That nite, we tried to do a job. Again no pressure. I pulled the valve assembly out of the pump. Looked good, O'ring was good. I put the valves back in and started up the PW. Again no pressure. We did note there is a plug at the bottom of the pump. Some water was leaking out of the plastic plug. What is the plastic plug and what does it do? Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  15. I need a buisness contract form or template

    First post, and he is gone, after ignoring the rules and requests.