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  1. Engine died

    Doug, would you have a wiring diagram to send me? Russ@pressurewasherky.us
  2. No pressure

    Plug it off. It's 1/2" pipe thread.
  3. No pressure

    Doug, a plastic plug could be a thermal relief valve. Is your pump tank fed? Could be sucking air where it's leaking water. Call me if you'd like.
  4. Electric motor won't stay running

    Some are time delay shut down with manual reset, like the one we're discussing. Others are instant start/stop as the trigger is pulled.
  5. Electric motor won't stay running

    Timer is bad.
  6. Electric motor won't stay running

    Many of Hydro Teks electrics are made to auto stop and start.
  7. Stuck TS 2021 pump

    What unloader is on it? A trapped pressure unloader will hold head pressure unless there's an easy start valve either built in to the unloader, or mounted separately on the head of the pump. If the engine pulley is turning but the belts aren't, then the belts are either loose or worn or both.
  8. Removing pulley from AR pump

    Chris, feel free to call me if you get stumped. 502-231-6506
  9. Removing pulley from AR pump

    See the holes next to the ones the bolts came out of? Put the bolts in those and tighten them evenly against the "sheave" part of the pulley, and it'll push it off the bushing. The bushing may have a setscrew in the flange near the belt guard. Loosen it, and pull the bushing off the shaft. Why do you feel the need to remove the pump to service the wet end? You should be able to do it with the pump in place.
  10. Blue Puff

    The large one is Honda OEM. The smaller one is aftermarket, and a lot cheaper.
  11. Blue Puff

    I'd say the burner on the new one isn't adjusted properly, and the older one probably is in need of a tune up.
  12. Pump just shudders

    Those valves are great on a pressure fed, closed loop bypass machine, but they don't care much for a suction type application.
  13. Pump just shudders

    I'd just about guarantee it.
  14. Pump just shudders

    Joel, the thing that's leaking is a thermal relief valve. If you're bypassing to the tank, you don't need it...it's just sucking air. Remove it and plug the hole.
  15. I've had brand new pumps come in to install in a machine, and have to pull and pop them.