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Often you could use footwear as a shoe cover to protect your shoes from being soiled. You can buy Slip chucks on amazon among other websites if you don't have any foot wear of your own. All you need do is remove one shoe and put the slippers on over it, then put the opposite shoes back on.

But there are also some prevention strategies you can use with this simple slip-on solution: be sure to move them down each time you walk so they don't make contact with anything "dirty". Changing often will also cut down on odor (frequent wetness + bacteria buildup), but do keep in mind that no matter what, they're still an essentially disposable product by design! 

Footwear can serve the purpose as a shoe cover, but be sure to buy your footwear with that use in mind.

- The price varies depending on how well made the footwear is and what style it is (e.g., cheap canvas shoes are much cheaper)
- You will want two pair of laces, one extra long for tying around the feet so they don't slip out and one regular length to lace over top of that. 
- Some footweares might have nonelastic looking fabric at their seam allowance; this would work better than having some elastic or rubberized ankle closure because we need what we have on hand, not something new to buy for an old project! :-) 

The best place is still online at places like Amazon. Another source i know is https://www.johnsonmedicalchina.com/shoe-covers For example, there's this one called Solemate - Shoe Covers for Girls and Boys running from toddler up through adults and all sizes of shoes available. It does say however, that it works best with soles; so if your shoes don't have soles then the solemate won't work or protect it as well when you're kicking something over or whatever.

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