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Start-up In Window Cleaning.

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My brother and I are intending to become a window cleaning professional. We are into window cleaning only just for home and offices. And we offer window cleaning to the following facilities like a commercial, retail, and industries; residential homes & condos; high rise & low rise. We thought of starting this company because my brother was working with window cleaning services for nearly 12 years so he has got a lot of experience and professionalism from them which will be an added advantage for us. The commercial window cleaning includes:

  • Crane cleaning which requires the cherry picker and crane to reach the windows over the building.

  • Abseiling which requires that you have specialist individuals.

  • The reach and wash system at the exterior high levels.

  • The squeegee, ladder, and bucket for general window cleaning.

We are planning to rent the cranes as they tend to be expensive to purchase and maintain.  All the suggestions and bits of advice will be appreciated.

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