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Selling your HOME, Don’t leave YOUR MONEY behind.


Spring is right around the corner and you are thinking of putting your home up for sale. Where do you start? It has been cold outside so you will probably start with the interior of your home. You know, the normal decluttering, painting and just a general thorough cleaning to spruce things up.

The key to selling any home is to get buyers through the front door and this can prove to be a difficult task. There are many factors that get people in the front door like the agent, price, size and the most obvious “curb appeal”. Other than changing the size of the home the only other thing that can have a dramatic affect on the look of the home is the curb appeal.

What are some things that you can do to upgrade your homes curb appeal? How much does this all cost? You would be surprised how little these services really are. Some of the services you will want to look into are pressure washing, house washing, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning. For most homes that have less than 3,000 square feet the cost will be less than $1,000 with multiple services combined within this price. Prices will vary across the country and based on the condition of the home. Curb appeal can be achieved with the least cost and have the most effect.

Now you have another decision, do it yourself or hire a professional. You have to ask yourself 3 basic questions, 1- Do I have the knowledge to do this? 2- Do I have the equipment to do this? 3- Do I have the time to do this? The key is to have all this done before you put the home on the market not after the first wave of potential buyers.

Three basic things affect the price of a home, 1- Condition of the home. 2- Location of the home. 3- The amount of time on the market. If you don’t finish these chores before the home goes on the market, the first wave of buyers look at the condition of the home. Now because of this they may decide not to put in an offer. This brings us to #2 and you can’t fix that the home is where it is. Because the initial wave of buyers did not make an offer we are now months later at step 3 which is time on the market. The longer a house sits on the market, the lower the next buyer is going to bid. You see, in the mind of the buyer, if there was nothing wrong with your home it would be sold already.

DIY or hire a pro is all you have to decide on now. If you have the time, knowledge and equipment then DIY can be an option. If you are missing any one of the three then hire the professional contract cleaning company. They can do the work in a timely fashion and it usually looks better than a DIY project. Just be sure to have it finished before the home gets listed and you start to get traffic.

Don’t Leave YOUR MONEY behind!

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