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Lessons Learned from 1st job


If I had any brains I would have turned down the job... or tripled my price. But, desperate for the work, the experience and $$$ I plunged into the job.

It is a second story bay window with cedar shingles on 3 sides with a steep roof along the sides with tough access at the peaks.

First, the rate... I bid the job at Deck prices $1.25 sq/Ft. It should have been close to $5 sq/ft based on the access and the condition of the shingles. They had black mold and old stain.

Second, I applied the HD80, EFC-38, Bleach and Oxalic Acid (yes, I tried them all) with 1 pump up sprayer. What a waste of time changing chemicals... not to mention dangerous! Of course the sprayer broke so I had to go home and get a new one. Next time... I will have spare parts... I will have a separate sprayer for each chemical... and I may have a different setup entirely... Shurflo or X-jet. I need some help here... I want to apply some of these chemicals at full strength... can the X-Jet do that? This is why I have been holding off the purchase of the X-Jet. I assume that I have to use a Shurflo setup to accomplish full strength application.

Next Lesson learned... don't use the sprayer as a mixer. Next time I will mix in a 5 gallon container and strain the chemical into my sprayer. I plugged up the sprayer several times.

Another time waster... walking back and forth to the trailer. Is there a way to setup a pressure washer so you can turn it on from the gun? Has anyone set up a "remote car starter" sort of apparatus?

Well, I will be going back to stain this week. Hopefully I won't have anything else to report. I've learned enough on this job, I just want to be done with it.


Jeff Swanson

The Cannon Group

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you are doing just fine, look one job and you already know 25% what you need to fix to do another one, LOL


A dedicated 12 volt pump will help with the application of all mixes. you can build your own or buy a ready built one from any distributor

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