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  1. We offer complete exterior cleaning services in The Woodlands, Spring and Kingwood Texas. Our services include: - pressure washing - power washing - commercial cleaning - window cleaning - roof cleaning - deck and fence restoration Contact us now at 281-394-1917 or visit our googleplus page for Pressure Washing The Woodlands
  2. Pressure Washing Katy

    Pressure Washing Katy is the trusted choice for pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning and staining wood fences and decks. We have been serving Katy, Fulshear and Richmond, TX since 2006 and we have the experience and equipment to do the job right the first time! Click here to find out more about power washing in Richmond, TX!
  3. Pressure Washing Cypress

    Pressure Washing Cypress takes concrete seriously. We don't just hit it with high pressure and a wand like some of our "competition" does. We use state of the art equipment and high quality detergents and we do it right every time. Check out our video and see for yourself: Concrete pressure washing in Cypress, TX.
  4. Pressure Washing Pearland

    Pressure Washing Pearland offers professional quality exterior cleaning solutions including power washing, roof cleaning and window washing in Pearland and Manvel Texas. Our experience and attention to detail sets us apart from the other services providers in the area and we pride ourselves on our high quality service. Click here to find out more! Pressure Washing Pearland 2100 Pearland Avenue Pearland, TX 77581 832-232-4429
  5. After nearly 10 years of offering just pressure washing and roof cleaning in the Katy and Fulshear area I have decided to take customer service to a new level and start a construction company in Fulshear. I seem to get asked on a nearly daily basis if I also offer painting, or if I know a good roofing company and up until now I have always just said I didn't do those things - I just stick to what I know best. I realized that what I really know best is customer service, and helping customers take back the pride in home ownership. I also understand that you don't have to know everything, but it's good to know someone that does. I can actually help my customers more by finding the best custom pool builder, custom cabinet makers and outdoor kitchen construction company in the area and creating the home the customer has always wanted - but never knew how to get. I am very excited to start my new endeavor and I have several great friends that have a decade or more of experience in construction but aren't as knowledgeable about marketing and I think together we can really successful and help a lot of great people create the house of their dreams. Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing America, LLC Performance Construction of Fulshear
  6. Pressure Washing Sugar Land

    Residential power washing contractors in Sugar Land and Missouri City Texas. Click here for more info.
  7. The idea of "eco-friendly" power washing is over used, misunderstood and well - kinda silly. Everyone wants to "go green" these days but what does that really mean? I have actually thought about this quite a bit, studies and researched the topic and have come to some conclusions that may not be popular with the green crowd or those who stand to profit from the green crowd or the free green money the government likes to give to its friends. Lets take a simple device designed to save the planet - the automatic paper towel dispenser. In the old days (2 years ago) nearly all paper towel dispensers in bathrooms across this great land were manual - meaning you either had to pull down and get your paper towels or crank a spool and unroll your paper towels. Well, apparently we can no longer be trusted to only use a 6 inch piece of paper towel to clean our hands off with....the solution is simple - make it automatic, motion activated and only allow for a 6 inch piece of paper at a time! YAY we've gone green! Well, not really. Lets suspend our disbelief and pretend that everyone doesn't just end up getting two or three of these 6 inch pieces of magical hand drying paper....got that covered? Okay good we can move on (although this story could end here but what fun would that be). Where does the old paper towel dispenser go? What was it made of and how harmful is that stuff to the planet? So in there we have either painted metal if it was really old (lead paint?) or a plastic housing, some small metal parts and small plastic parts. Plus the resources it took to produce those parts and assemble the unit. Plus the carbon emissions used to manufacture all the parts, ship them to assemble them, then ship them to a distributor and then to their final location. And we're just going to throw all that away? It is already starting to sound like we're not really saving the planet and I haven't even gotten to the new dispenser....TO BE CONTINUED. Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing America, LLC http://www.powerwashingkaty.com
  8. Houston Roof Cleaning

    Pressure Washing America, LLC is a trusted and professional roof cleaning company in Houston, TX. We use a safe low pressure approach to wash shingle, metal and tile roofs in Houston and the surrounding areas! Cleaning a roof safely in the blazing heat that Houston provides is a challenging and even sometimes dangerous job. Too much chemical can burn the grass or kill the landscaping. Not enough wont clean effectively enough in one application so multiple applications will have to be used. The strength of the mix is also important because if it is not strong enough the roof will likely require multiple applications and if it is too strong even just a few drops will harm grass and landscaping. For these reasons, and more, it is important to hire a professional roof cleaning company in Houston with the right experience and equipment so you get your roof looking great safely and at a great price! We don't offer carpet cleaning, landscaping or painting like some handy men do. We focus strictly on cleaning the exterior of your home so it looks great and so you get the most value from your roof and house....leave the carpet steam cleaning to someone else! See the results for yourself at https://youtu.be/WJP0Wi5FLZo Pressure Washing America, LLC 14173 Northwest Fwy #7 Houston, TX 77040 281-249-9019 estimates@houstonroofcleaning.com http://www.houstonroofcleaning.com
  9. Challenging weather conditions can make life difficult - even if you are an seasoned pressure washing contractor. In South East Texas as an example - we may take on wind chills dipping down to the teens during winter, and searing temperatures above 100 degrees during summer. Sprinkle in gusty winds, relentless humidity, unpredictable rain and you end up with a powerful mix of weather "challenges" for anybody that works outside. As an example, washing outside windows during a high chance of rain isn't a great way to use your time - and it will likely not make the home owner too exited either. Have you washed a really steep roof during high or gusty wind - it isn't much fun! However, on the other side of the coin cleaning concrete is generally going to be okay with high wind, some rain, lower temps or higher temps since nothing is probably going to have much effect on end results and it is pretty simple for the workers to take easy steps and make sure everyone is relatively comfortable and as safe as possible. During Summer, when it is constant and apologetically hot in the Houston area - dress accordingly, take in lots of fluids, be sure to make time to take short breaks and keep an eye out for shaded areas to chill when it is needed. What do you do if your are a professional cleaning in Missouri City? Make sure to have open lines of communication with customers. If there isn't a good way to contact your customers, it will not be possible to notify them in the event that you have to make any changes to the daily schedule. Next - understand what projects can be performed in what weather conditions and make an attempt to schedule them on the days that they are possible. Last, be prepared for changing weather conditions during projects. Keep a poncho inside the truck for surprise rain, have a lightweight jacket and/or a heavy one in the event that a cold front comes in, pack an ice cooler of cold water and light snacks for the especially hot afternoons and make time to remain safe - you wont regret it! Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing America, LLC
  10. I have the Mosmatic commercial surface cleaner, I believe it is 21". Above the dome part of the swivle housing is exposed where it connects to the hose with an twist coupling. There are 2 small holes below this coupling facing outward. Water shoots out of these holes while the unit is in use??? Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? Thanks!
  11. Mud Dobber Nests

    It has been so hot and dry this summer in Houston that mud dobbers are moving their nests from the ground on to houses. They build a mud nest generally in corners especially between the ceiling and wall. UI generally hit the nest with one of my down streaming tips so I don't damage the paint or stucco but there is always a brown stain left behind. Anyone ever figure out how to get this stain to go away? If it is on a flat wall a soft bristled brush does okay but when it's in a corner I just never have much luck! Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing In Houston
  12. Rust on concrete

    I get my chems at soapgoods.com. You save a lot by buying 50 lbs or more and it is at your door in a few days. They have sodium percarb, oxalic and sodium hydroxide to name a few.... Daniel Simmons Houston Pressure Washing
  13. Downstreaming Question?

    I figure it would corrode the reel the way if corrodes qc and tips and such.... I guess if I run enough fresh water at the end it won't be a big deal. Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing Katy Power Washing Katy Texas
  14. Downstreaming Question?

    I am looking into a new rig which does not have a stainless hose reel...if I downstream through it with a house wash strength mix will it ruin the reel and hoses? I also have an injector I built into one of my guns and I never have a problem with it but I have to bring my mix with me.... What are your experiences? Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing Houston Texas Houston Window Cleaning
  15. Estimates - how do you handle them?

    Now I use google maps for most of my estimates. If it is a simple house wash I don't even need t use that. If it is more complicated or particularly large then I will do the estimate in person as long as the HE seems like a buyer and not just a shopper. My pitch allows me to close around 80% of my leads....I use a simple close - "The total price for your project is (not would be) $$$, and I am available Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon...which one of those works better for you?" About half the time they just choose A or B and that's that. Sometimes they will ask for a different day....no problem. Sometimes they give me an excuse...they have to talk to their spouse or they are getting more estimates or something...If I really want the jon I will just ask "Did you have another price in mind?" A lot of times they will say "well last time someone did it for $$." or "I thought it would be more like $$." Now I can explain why my service is more expensive or negotiate! or both. I their expectation is way too low I know I don't need to bother calling back! Daniel Simmons Houston Roof Cleaning Sugar Land Roof Cleaning Houston Power Washing