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Houston Roof Cleaning


Pressure Washing America, LLC is a trusted and professional roof cleaning company in Houston, TX.  We use a safe low pressure approach to wash shingle, metal and tile roofs in Houston and the surrounding areas!  Cleaning a roof safely in the blazing heat that Houston provides is a challenging and even sometimes dangerous job.  Too much chemical can burn the grass or kill the landscaping.  Not enough wont clean effectively enough in one application so multiple applications will have to be used.  The strength of the mix is also important because if it is not strong enough the roof will likely require multiple applications and if it is too strong even just a few drops will harm grass and landscaping.


For these reasons, and more, it is important to hire a professional roof cleaning company in Houston with the right experience and equipment so you get your roof looking great safely and at a great price!  We don't offer carpet cleaning, landscaping or painting like some handy men do.  We focus strictly on cleaning the exterior of your home so it looks great and so you get the most value from your roof and house....leave the carpet steam cleaning to someone else!


See the results for yourself at https://youtu.be/WJP0Wi5FLZo


Pressure Washing America, LLC

14173 Northwest Fwy #7

Houston, TX 77040






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