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  1. Learned something new today

    Adrian, what kind of shop had the throttle wire? I had my throttle wire break last year and the local shop had a new one for only $25 so I got it as I needed it, sure could have just changed out the wire but never even thought of them being replaceable. Thanks.
  2. That does look like a good idea. I would try it but I don't have a table saw but one day if I get one I will make one of those pumps to try it out.
  3. I would also recommend a 1" hose from the tank to the pump, even though the pump inlet is probably 3/4" or 1/2", the flow to the pump from the tank should be as much as possible. I have had 4 different pump mechanics from different dealers tell me the same thing, it will help your packings last longer. I had a 3/4" supply hose for many years until I heard about this and changed it out to the larger hose. You will probably not see a difference but it should help the pump last longer.
  4. Political post dealing with Guns,Zimmerman/Martin

    I am glad that Zimmerman was out doing his job as there were recent property break-ins. When you have had your property, tools and other personal items stolen, you are wanting more security, more patrols so this does not happen. I would like to have a nite watch here where I live and I would not mind someone even being arrogant being a rent-a-cop as long as they are doing their job looking out for people out late at nite that should not be there and possibly going to steal stuff from people. There are many ways of looking at what happened, look at them using the race card when they did not even have a clue that Zimmerman was half hispanic, that shut up some people but the media kept on trying to fuel the fire. The media was trying to make this into a huge media event so they can sell more commercials and air time and possibly had their own agenda if we really known what was going on. I heard years ago that Colorado had the lowest crime rate in the country and that was because a lot of people carried guns with them all the time. Kind of makes sense that with so many guns, the people about to commit crimes would probably think that they are likely to get shot and killed by someone with a gun, maybe that is part of the low crime rate they had back then? It is a tragedy for the family and it hurts when we lose someone we love, I have lost family members from natural causes, old age, medical issues, double-murder, cancer and mechanical issues with vehicles. Sometimes it helps to just try to go on with your life and remember those you lost and how much you love them and how they are in a better place.
  5. Political post dealing with Guns,Zimmerman/Martin

    I agree Guy 100%. It is a shame that so many people out there will run to call something racism when there is none at all. I is also a shame that the media, especially Yahoo will post pictures of a guy when he was 13 and innocent looking instead of his current picture in a hoodie and bragging about fighting all the time to manipulate the media the whole time. It does seem like the current administration is trying to manipulate things in a way that removes guns from the people and we all need to stay on top of this, no matter your background as this is part of the constitution and we all need to protect it because if we lose this part, the rest might slowly go away also. Again, great post Guy!
  6. February PCC Magazine now online

    I just saw this, great article about Scott Stone and his huge new contract Allison. This article shows how professional Scott Stone is and how he positioned his company to be able to win a huge contract like this, it is great that an honest and reputable guy like him earned that contract. It is great that you are writing articles that are helping to promote the industry. Keep up the good work Allison.
  7. Pressure Washing Institute Forum (Administrators?)

    You can access the site, just call Ron M., his phone number is listed in his signature under all posts he makes like other moderators like myself. I don't know how the registration thing works but call Ron and he can help you out.
  8. Lowballer Rig spotted in Vegas.

    Another thread just to bash someone again? Really? When will this nonsense finally stop? Beth has said numerous times for this to stop. This thread is not doing anything for anyone other than to bash someone that John does not agree with. This thread really needs to be pulled as it serves no purpose and allowing it to stay says that it is ok to bash people here, it should have been pulled after it was started. I thought things were going to change the last time Beth told EVERYONE TO STOP this stuff, again, why is this happening again? I expected a lot more professionalism out of a lot of people posting in this thread, especially moderators and people wanting to moderate, by letting this thread stay longer than a few posts is saying that it is ok to do wrong things and make up things about people just to hurt them, not very professional. Why is John allowed to start these types of threads only to bash other people, and worse than that, the thread is not even pulled, even when other moderators see this damaging thread? Beth told people to stop doing this many times already.
  9. 8GPM Cold Water Machine

    I have had that unit for about 6 years or so and it has held up great. I use it with the Steel Eagle 24" surface cleaner, 28" Big Guy surface cleaner and sometimes the Whisper Wash Classic 19" surface cleaner and they all do good. The classic wants to fly away unless you hold it down or put an olympic weight lifting plate on it to help hold it down. It is a good machine, just keep changing the engine and pump oil and oil filter as needed and it will last you a lot of years.
  10. I just posted my first video on youtube. It was some badly stained aluminum wheels, not the regular road grime and axle grease and had to 2-step the wheels many times to get them clean. I did not put music on the video and typed a lot for the description but felt it would help explain the process and the situation. The aluminum wheels cleaned up nice on these trucks I washed here in Texas, it is a great fleet that is washed every 2 weeks and they get dirty fast on these South Texas Roads. Fleet washing is needed as these trucks get dirty fast and they are giving out more fines for trucks that are dirty and have lights and license plates covered with dirt. Not sure how to embed the video here, would like to know but don't know how to do it. If someone can tell me how I will embed it. Hope you guys like it. Thanks.
  11. Jim Gamble is in the hospital.

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery Jim.
  12. Pressure Washer Stolen!

    I tried talking to the owner today and ended up in an argument, too bad he was not in town or I would have gone there in person. They are saying how they are not responsible so I talked to an attorney's secretary but need to talk to another as this one is wasting a lot of time talking about things that don't matter in the big picture. This is so aggravating!
  13. Pressure Washer Stolen!

    The owner was out of the office all day long yesterday each time I called, it is across town about 12 miles so I did not want to just drive over there and chance it. Found out after calling the police that my info about my trailer and rig was not on the police report, just a mention of another rig so according to the police, it has not officially been reported stolen yet, Wow! I asked the shop why they did not call me and nobody knew the answer. I will be taking the vin and pictures of the trailer and skid to the police today and talk to them, this situation is making this shop look very bad.
  14. Pressure Washer Stolen!

    The skid was secured in the trailer but not bolted down as it was just in there for work to be done on it. They took the trailer with the rig in it.
  15. Pressure Washer Stolen!

    I called 3 different attorneys and they told me that there is no law here in Texas that requires a shop to have garage keepers insurance. I will be talking to the owner later today about the situation and see what happens.