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  1. Poll: What type of pressure washing rig do you use?

    God gave us microbes that live in the gulf that eat the oil. Amazing what God does when we screw things up!
  2. "If you build it-They will come"

    you mean a New York er gave a guy from Jersey something?
  3. Poll: What type of pressure washing rig do you use?

    Shurflos are good pumps but not the "IN" pump of today, the Delavans and the new Flojet Pentaflex series are the best bang for the buck these days for softwashing and roof cleaning
  4. PWNA/UAMCC Press Release

    Chris, Ron was given the opportunity to assist as co chairman (Vice Chairman) of the environmental committee with the *****, this would have given a sound voice of reason for the contractor and a good system of checks and balances for the industry, Ron respectfully declined. I personally feel he could have continued the movement forward in the direction that we all could have benefited from, now we will have to trust in what we know, which in my case is not much!
  5. Unreliable pressure washer

    Love it! Professional equipment last a long time if maintained properly!
  6. My mini rig need advice on the setup.

    Just my opinion but it looks as if it may be overloaded? The DOT looks at stuff like that by not whats in the tanks but at the capability of them so thats 800 pounds minimum on the 100 gallon tank and 280 on the 35 gallon tank, 150 or so for a washer and about 100 pounds average on the hose reels plus the weight of the trailer its self. Better be careful, by my calculation it should be right at 1690 pounds counting the weight of the trailer and thats not taking into account the additional welding you have done.
  7. My mini rig need advice on the setup.

    I would also change out those straps you are using to hold down that 100 gallon tank, the metal bands or either the galvanized bands are much safer and way way better. The other ones you have are too thin and will dry rot quickly. I know them, its an easy one they came from Home Depot.
  8. best price

    anywhere? Just ask one of the vendors on here, they all sell them, I like the fixed 20% injectors
  9. This Unit Worth the Price?

    what Scott said! +1 Plus I hate the Comet Pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. WW Classic nozzle suggestions?

    I use 28 inch Big Guy surface cleaners with 8+ gpm
  11. 3/8 hose vs 1/2 inch test

    Mine has a 1/2 in outlet and my bypass is 1/2 inch as well as is the unloader input and output, 1 inch lines from the tank ect.....
  12. How long would this take you?

    I would call it effecient
  13. Gutter cleaning ?

    many moons ago I had the same thing happen to me, as soon as I realized no one saw me I laughed my butt off!
  14. Bring Michael Hillborn back.

    Can we get Charlie Manson out and give him a second chance too? He was a good kid in Elementary school from what I hear!