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  1. Been a heck of a year.

    Thanks John. Just fight the good fight.
  2. Been a heck of a year.

    James, funny you should mention.... I've been invited to sit in "hang" at Sugar Hill recording Studio" downtown today. This place is known as the "Abbey Road" of the south. I'm stoked and a little skeered at the same time. This place has been around since WWII. Pretty sure it is the oldest recording studio existing. It has seen the likes of ZZ Top, Todd Rundgren, Willie Nelson, Freddy Fender, Beyoncé, Destiny's Child, and all the greats of the 40's, 50's 60's including The little known band called the Rolling Stones. I'm actually doing good about NOT thinking about the recent events in mine and my family's life. Odd I know, but I tend to break down when the thought process takes over. ... but after the session, I'm sure I will turn into a salesman again and see If I can get a cleaning job out of them. Unless I "get lucky" begging for a recording tech. internship, which would really take my mind off current events. All that said, barring that I don't faint following the footsteps of fame that has been through that studio. It should be pretty cool !!!!
  3. Been a heck of a year.

    Thanks Beth, Guy, & Steven. I'm not a holy man but I believe my daughter and son in law will raise that child in Heaven. Just a feeling, and if I make it there, I'll babysit until they arrive.
  4. I wouldn't shoot it from the ground due to overspray. Ladders can be a hassle, but at the end of the day it will have been worth the extra effort. Get close as possible, dial down the psi, use p.p.e. be done with it. Looks like a really really nice project.
  5. TGS members check in with your website link

    www.abcpressurewashing.com www.abcpressurewashing.net They call me Adrian My stage name is Ass Water Jones.
  6. Nice work B&R as always. I must have hundreds of pics of projects. I just don't post them anymore. Some projects are mammoth too and I don't even take pics. Im so lazy.
  7. Ladder and fall arrestor. Unless you rent a bucket lift. Sodium Hydroxide.
  8. Been a heck of a year.

    It's been a while folks. I had to bury my grand daughter. ( really tough gig I swear) 8 surgeries so far on the old bones. Still plugging away at it though not as gung ho. Just getting through the day sometimes is a chore in itself. Glad to see some regulars as well as new names here. I also see that not much has changed in the pw world. Same people doing the same ego driven stuff ( peel the onion guys c'mon) Same bashing same executions of character ( B.S. in my eyes ) We all bleed red...... no exceptions. Various things are happening around the globe to make one want to hide his head in the sand. Hard to keep a positive outlook sometimes....whatever. While ALL my guitars gently weep. Just hope you all are fighting the good fight and not with each other. Peace Through Sonic Distortion
  9. Black Spots on Deck Boards

    Yes, and it is probably already on your shelf at home. Sodium Hypochlorite = Bleach Surfactant= dish soap or the like. Dihydrogen Monoxide comes out of your faucet. The broom and bucket is probably in your pantry or closet. Your Sodium Hypochlorite is probably 6% in strength. So beef it up if you don't see instant results. Contractors generally use 12% strength which is found at chem supply or pool supply. Best of luck show some pics.
  10. Black Spots on Deck Boards

    Sodium Hypochlorite, soap surfactant, and Dihydrogen Monoxide is what you need to wash it with. 49-49-2 mix The Oxalic Acid is for neutralizing a prior stripper solution and brightening the wood afterwards. Being that it is kiln dried wood, it's possible ( even kiln dried ) that the pressure treatment locked in some moisture. That moisture is escaping now and creating what we in the south call shotgun mold, or Artillery Fungus. Since you are not stripping ( unless I missed it ) then a good mix of what I mentioned above, possibly even some broom agitation should remove it. ..... and go with a semi trans oil based stain. Darker tones are like higher #'s with sunscreen lotion. Darks offer more protection in the long run IF PREPPED CORRECTLY. and maintained afterwards.
  11. Seems almost everyday in Houston this August, it's 90-95 degrees before 10 or 11 am. The heat has actually slowed and stopped some projects. The flash adhesion is rearing its ugly head and causing double the amount of stain in some case. However I really feel for you northern folks getting cold so early. Just doesn't seem right . "facepalm". Glad to see a few familiar faces. Hang in there everyone.
  12. THAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD Black Beauties have been discontinued. Its a sad Day.
  13. So you guys should all invest in the "jet share" program. There are so many conventions going on around the country it's crazy. When do you guys work anymore? Hey 'Los, man I love that window cleaner you gave me in Houston. Works well and taste great in coffee. Peace Through Sonic Distortion.
  14. ............ water intrusion......lol
  15. Those are Better Homes and Gardens pictures for sure. Curious if you have any pictures of the "during" process. I would love to see some of your techniques on protecting the surface areas below and around the deck area. Do you constantly keep the areas wet? Or tarping or both? Did you paint the bordered areas as well, or work around exiting color? We've all done "trainer decks" until we are blue in the face. I don't even take pictures of them anymore. Auto pilot, blah blah blah!!!!! But this one is for the record books and should be on the cover of Deck World magazine ( if there was one). Awesome work.